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  1. JSTDs please eat a really small dick and fuck off, I think Joe is available.
  2. What better time to use the new ladder than having a turni! Having people help spread the word is not that hard, tell people in games for next few weeks and start it in June. Also, we can give it a deadline like July 15th and the winners are chosen on that date no matter what. It's up to the players to play the games. We have to work out details before we pick a start date. Yuri and France are OP and lead to shitty cheap games. Obviously it won't be 50 players. Requiring a stream has been a mess in every turni so far. The "You didn't beat me stop lying" thing can be solved easily. If people continue to have problems, they're kicked.
  3. First, I nominate Preppy to run it. Second, the system works like this: 1 Win = 1 point, 1 game = 1 point, 1 loss = 0. (So winning gets you 2 points, playing gets you 1 point, losing does not matter) The reason for this is, if you win games you have a chance at being in the top 10. If you play, you also have a chance however you have to play a lot of games. This not only encourages activity from all players, but it really does give ANYONE a chance at winning no matter how good they are. (For example, Joe can play 50 games and lose them all, but he will still get 50 points. Chandler can play 25 games and win them all, also giving him 50 points) Rules: Cant play a person more than 6 times total, no matter wins/losses. I think we have a good selection of maps/settings from other topics. Semi fair/balanced maps only, no crates, etc. No yuri, no france. Each player picks 3 maps No streaming needed but would be nice, but players have to agree on wins/losses otherwise no games count. IF there are a lot of discrepancies relayed to a specific player they can be kicked from the turni. Last but not least, how the winners are chosen. 3 prizes, based on however much people donate. I won the 2v2 with Tej, Joe still has my money so he can use that towards the prize. The winners are chosen randomly from the top spots. Top 1+2+3 will all have a chance the first place prize. 4+5+6 will have a chance at second. 7+8+9+10 will have a chance at 3rd. If we have say 50 players enter, we can always spread out the chances to top 5, 10, and 15 players, or what ever is needed. This is not well planned out by any means, just an idea that popped into my head. Any thoughts?
  4. Enjoy.
  5. Thank you for proving my point.
  6. Preppy wanna 1v1 on it? I've never played it.
  7. The entire game is about your economy. If you manage it properly you'll win most of your games. The best players always had a great eco, but that doesn't just mean make miners. You never want to have an abundance of money, or be broke. Steady flow of income. Just because someone makes 3 war facs to your 1 doesn't mean they'll win, they could be broke af all game. I have a BO for maps like dune that I only use 2 miners and have 2 war facs and sell, I'll be broke in 3 min but the game's usually done before then.
  8. Yes, that's exactly what someone with friends would say. Please list them alphabetically.
  9. hahahaha jstd's please for the love of god, get some friends.
  10. On heck every time?
  11. Please don't say kinky, he is trash every good player agrees. Also, sunny is trash.
  12. Thanks, that fixed it.
  13. Anyone else having issues?
  14. Nobody wants you to speak plz.
  15. It's called [AuF], no idea what it stands for just looks cool. PM me if you're interested.