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  1. [AuF]Mindwar

    Keep getting kicked off CnCNet

    Ya me too... connection to client lost multiple times in an hour.
  2. [AuF]Mindwar

    The "Who is...." topic.

    Whoever xquickx is he's an engi dc noob.
  3. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    No idea wot ur talking about sugar tits.
  4. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib dc'ing (the horror!)

    This was before I talked to you, slut.
  5. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    Oh, so he comes here and doesn't deny it eh? Can we please IP ban him?
  6. [AuF]Mindwar

    OldSchool Clanner

    GGs today biz, get skype.
  7. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    Someone told me he is js, no idea if its true or not. Either way, can we ban this cunt?
  8. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib dc'ing (the horror!)

    I got 0pts, he dcd. I have screen shots and battle log obviously shows he lost. Can we ban him plz? Also, any pros want to 1v1 go qm its dead. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/3-2018/yr/games/14682
  9. Interesting. Glad you take time out of your busy day of fucking relatives to grace us with your presence.
  10. [AuF]Mindwar

    OldSchool Clanner

    I remember @[email protected] and scandi, don't know if I knew you tho. Welcome back I guess.
  11. [AuF]Mindwar

    Yuri's Revenge QM Map's Topic

    Those are fantastic map suggestions. You know what would be really cool, to have a "Did you enjoy this map? Y/N option after you play the map. Maybe remove any maps after a month or two with significant downvotes. Also, Y v A/S on hidden valley is a joke.
  12. [AuF]Mindwar

    Update on marsh vs hurricane irma

    3M is easy to beat now.
  13. [AuF]Mindwar

    Any Proz on Cncnet? (Sep 2017)

    I heard exizten say something similar, "I own 99% of game". You're not playing any of the pros. I haven't seen you in a game with a decent player in a very long time... That is why you say this. I'm down for 1v1s.
  14. [AuF]Mindwar


    ^^ Tru.
  15. [AuF]Mindwar


    I create a game, and its immediately flooded with every good player on the server. So although I thank Joe for calling me out for being as internet famous on YR as Hitler, I have to disagree with his sentiment. I'm friendly with all the top players. And even if people aren't my BFF, everyone who is good joins my games. As far as streaming goes, like preppy said it needs to be endorsed by cncnet and there should be a link on YR to view streams and improve.