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  1. LIES. I fuck ppl up with paras all the time.
  2. No offense but... JS you should not give advice.
  3. I know, I was just trying to explain what the game was like then vs now for those who aren't aware.
  4. Ouch. Funny thing is, I've played with just about every good player since RA2 first came out. People like ir0nclad, burner503, sash, veg, tomi, etc. etc. There are players that would beat them best of 10 no problem. So saying the best players are gone is BS. You obviously never played with them. The reason so many people were great back then was the amount of games they played. You'd get 1000+ pts playing 75+ games, and you'd get to play a ton of great players and improve. Now there are a handful of people who can compete, very few who are at the top, but still several great players. The biggest problem with the game now is no ladder, which is changing. We will have a lot more competition with QM back. After that, the next step is CM so we can get competitive team play again. That's where cncnet is really going to struggle. There are very few teams of 2-3 that will be able to compete. We saw a small taste of the skill in the 2v2 turni but really, it was a bunch of 1v1's.
  5. Tru.
  6. MX maps suck imo.
  7. That's kind of odd...when you win you have videos but not when you lose?
  8. So far I've played a dozen or so games vs your clan, are you going to post the videos?
  9. I will be around Thursday and Sunday my time, camping the other days.
  10. I'd like to try it out please.
  11. I can wake up a little early during the week if needed, just need to know in advance. I have to leave for work at 800 EST.
  12. Probably! At least to qm a few hours a week. At least we'd have some competition... Don't get me wrong, there's still good players doing FFA's but there are what...20 or so guys who can even remotely compete with ppl like Tej and Matt. I win like 95% of competitive games and I'm not on their level.
  13. I'm down to schedule a time to play. Last night sucked because of lag... Tej you're 5 hours ahead of HK time, I'm 12, let's figure it out? Chandler or Matt you down?
  14. That's what I hear... too bad they don't play YR more