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  1. [AuF]Mindwar

    Who is the best player ever?

    Joe even though I love auf, it went downhill a lot after xwis started, but it isn't even top 10 of all time anyway. From what I remember, ba and omerta were the top 2 xwis/xcl clans and wol it was a whole different story. They'd be in the top almost every month but then clans like judges/dru1dz/bbw/auf/etc would get rank 1/2 a bit pretty often. As far as players go, prep is a pretty good judge imo since he's been around for so long. Most of the old pros are long gone, but even if they did play now there are long gaps of perhaps a decade since they played. Tomi imo is the best ever based on sheer rank 1/2 when all the top players played. He would be rank 1 on yr and ra2 in the same month multiple times a year. Perhaps later on he bailed as matt said, but I don't remember him bailing anyone when I played 01-07. The only issue with prep is he wasn't a top player in 01-03 so I cant image he'd know too many of the early players. You'd really have to play from start to finish as a semi-top player to know. Prep is about as close as it gets so I'd agree with him.
  2. [AuF]Mindwar

    troll games and wasted matches

    Best recommendation is learn to adapt and you'll eventually get better. FFA maps will always have people with truce's, I'm very guilty of this. But welcome to the internet, no getting around seals/rockies/etc. Find some players you like, become their friend, play games with them.
  3. [AuF]Mindwar

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    Clan system sounds great.
  4. [AuF]Mindwar

    Keep getting kicked off CnCNet

    Yes I downloaded that two days ago, same thing every time.
  5. [AuF]Mindwar

    Keep getting kicked off CnCNet

    @Grant any thoughts?
  6. [AuF]Mindwar


    I've got years worth of skype comments, mostly R-rated, but amazing. Best times were staying up until the wee hours playing games and talking shit.
  7. [AuF]Mindwar


    Great fucking guy. I've probably known him for 15 years, really sad to hear this. I agree we should try to do some tribute. RIP you fucking legend.
  8. [AuF]Mindwar

    Keep getting kicked off CnCNet

    Ya me too... connection to client lost multiple times in an hour.
  9. [AuF]Mindwar

    The "Who is...." topic.

    Whoever xquickx is he's an engi dc noob.
  10. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    No idea wot ur talking about sugar tits.
  11. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib dc'ing (the horror!)

    This was before I talked to you, slut.
  12. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    Oh, so he comes here and doesn't deny it eh? Can we please IP ban him?
  13. [AuF]Mindwar

    OldSchool Clanner

    GGs today biz, get skype.
  14. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib aka JSDS dc

    Someone told me he is js, no idea if its true or not. Either way, can we ban this cunt?
  15. [AuF]Mindwar

    jaylib dc'ing (the horror!)

    I got 0pts, he dcd. I have screen shots and battle log obviously shows he lost. Can we ban him plz? Also, any pros want to 1v1 go qm its dead. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/3-2018/yr/games/14682