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  1. Wilko

    Blank screen

    It works! The ddwrapper renderer seems to work, although it didn't before home brew install. Could be a combination of the two? Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Wilko

    Blank screen

    Still just a blank screen, its really frustrating, the game is literally right there, just cant see it
  3. Wilko

    Blank screen

    No luck, the menu looks like this if that helps
  4. Wilko

    Blank screen

    I am trying to play Tiberium Sun on my mac book pro (I know not ideal for gaming but im using what I have). As soon as I start up the game from the menu I am met with a blank black screen, However, I can hear the game, select buttons, go through the menus but I can't see it. Ive tried to just install the skirmish/multiplayer version and ive started a game and all sounds normal, selecting units, music etc but I can't see it! Im running Mojave 10.14.1
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