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  1. Ok guys, I'm regularly a dumbass on computers but I outdid myself!! As you say Funky the cursor shows up after a minute or so - as we say in Scotland "what an eejit!" Thanks for your patient assistance, and for your hard work patching the game when EA clearly couldn't care less!
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a go tonight! Probably being dim here but just to check - do you mean open the game (the patched version) and choose play online? Or is there a cncnet.org page I should visit to get the updates? I was having a look on cncnet.org and can see the game available for download, or the patch which I have.
  3. Thanks for getting back! I'll give that a try when I'm home later and report back. I did briefly try loading a skirmish but got a bit lost in the set up screen - I couldn't see a way to actually start the game, but I may have used the wrong resolution at the time and some info had slipped off the side of the screen.
  4. Hi, really hoping this forum is still active and somebody can help me out. I bought the C&C Ultimate Collection and the original C&C and Red Alert have worked fine, but I'm struggling to get Tiberian Sun to work. Initially I had the main menu freezing problem which I've now read a lot about in forums. Searching for a solution I found your patch so I've installed it, it's got me through the menus and I thought I was finally going to get to play the game.... but I can't see the mouse cursor in the game! If I hit Esc to open the options menu the cursor appears, but disappears again as soon as I resume the game. 😩 I've been playing about with the different rendering options available under settings - some of them don't work at all for me (can't even get to main menu etc). GDI setting is the one I used that got me into the game, but with no cursor. I did find some suggestions about turning off cursor trails in the settings for the mouse, but I've had a look and they're not turned on. As you can probably tell I'm no computer expert, and I'm totally stumped. Any and all help appreciated! Oh and I'm using Windows 10. Thanks in advance!
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