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  1. Thank you! Also on the matter of "no ship" naval maps... I, ah... seem to be in need of a towel. If I had simply played the maps anyway, I would have realized that I would indeed be permitted to build naval units when I had reached the proper tech level. Thank you all for your responses to a noob to eager for his own good. Doh!
  2. Thanks again. It doesn't seem to matter at all what options or settings that I choose. In all cases the "allow ships" checkbox remains grayed out. My current way of dealing with this is simply not to play those maps. Oh well. <-(O)-> On a side note... Are there any additional maps for DTA, or do I have to wait for an update to include them?
  3. Thank you for replying. Yes... Coastal Battle, Arctic Disaster, Island Raiders, Naval Rampage, Icy Floes, Perilous Islands, and Archipelago. Basically, any map that requires you to build a ship to get off the island you are on, or is the only way to attack your enemies. Am I missing something important? Or perhaps am I just not creative enough to get the job done? To me labeling a map as a "naval" map and not providing for the creation of naval units is a little short sighted.
  4. Whats up with the naval maps that won't let you build ship?
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