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  1. I told you my scroll was broken and it was. I played the entire match holding right click to move across the screen. I think you think I b.s.'d you to get you to commit or something. That is not at all the case. This was on the CNC remastered ladder.
  2. This was a personal website I built surrounding the video game. http://www.angelfire.com/home/Akiller7k/
  3. I played both TS and FS during those days pretty much every single day.
  4. I have a bunch of mod map files still from back then funny enough.
  5. Here's another one. Less screen shots, but still old pics. http://www.angelfire.com/home/Akiller7k/cool_pics.html
  6. Are you asking me or someone else?
  7. One of the reasons I quit TS originally was due to different games ( mainly starcraft), but also the release of red alert 2. But, the main reason was all the exploits and constant cheating that went on. Cheats/exploits I remember seeing daily: - Using a trainer to cause a reconnection error for a losing match - Instant radar using a trainer - Dogs - Build anywhere glitch by mapping arrow keys and dragging stuff across the map. - No temple of NOD cyborg commando - Clicking where carryalls were landing to making them move - Sending fast air units to distract all AA therefore making it useless - Random campaign units being spawned in multiplayer I'm assuming some of these things haven't been fixed, but are they all still a problem? I know the average player is so much better now than we were probably back then, but are cheats still a thing? EDIT: On another note, I found a website I built back in 2000 and apparently it is still up. Has pictures of some of the cheaters I caught back then. Good nostalgia fix. http://www.angelfire.com/home/Akiller7k/cheaters.html
  8. Yeah that seems familiar to me as well. I'm not sure if that was me or not LOL. I don't think so though. I had so many accounts back then. At one point, I had like 7 accounts in the top 10 on the ladder. That month I got temp banned for playing them against each other. LOL. I remember lurker just like everyone does. Not sure if he remembers me or is even around. At the time, I played NOD extremely heavily due to everyone playing GDI. I utilized a heavy defense infantry rush strategy that allowed me to counter all the early disruptor drops by messing with their tech tree killing the barracks and power plants early on. I was nearly undefeated on terrace with this strategy, but it worked okay on forest fires. Generally it would slow down the rush just enough for me to get enough AA up and enough rocket infantry to drop most of them before they landed or to minimize damage.
  9. Hi guys, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and searched my name and Tiberian Sun and found a few posts on Xwis. Found out most of them came here. Back a long long time ago, I played under akiller7k, ganador01, abnrgr06a and quite a few other names. I was mostly a firestorm player, but came back to original TS after a while. Either way, I was extremely competitive on the bracket and was always in the running. I hit first at least one month that I recall with many top 10 placements. Having said all of that, just saying hi and seeing if there is anyone around that I remember or that remembers me. Thanks,
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