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  1. not looking to play with other just solo play ... but be able to make unit that are not normally on the gdi side or easly made start at level 1 ... aka get a mcv on level 3 cheap and be able to build ghost stakle that can heal and be my front line troop and get enginners that act like infinty
  2. so the stanrd notepad can change the info like the sun2k editor ... is that what i understanding .... and if so can you "dummie" me thur how i enjoy messing with buildings and car
  3. im still very new to this .... if i read the sun2k editor right it says i need to run it from the " INSTALL FILE" if you can talk me thought it im sure it a simple matter of point and click but right now i was just happy to get your game runnning which is very cool by the way
  4. Getting a GAme EDitor to work on you version of C&C TS FS i enjoyed the old school versiion of C&C TS but now with the new ops system i cant play it like i used to i played it thur with out cheating whilei was in high school looong time ago - about 20 year now ( was shown game by my USMC recuriter ) i found your remake and it work on my computer but only issuse is the old school editor i enjoyed to prolong my fun does not want to work on your or even the newest C&C muitlptle pack ( steam download ) ( it allowed builind to almost be industrable and carry diffrent weapon then were given when installed / and medic could be enginner / MCV was free to buy on 1st missing / heilcpoter were fre and cheap ... ect ) Sun2k edit master code for the key gen ( website for help has been discontinuted ) but can still be found Tiberian Sun Abyss Downloads http://www.angelfire.com/wizard/animationmasters/ Sun Edit 2K Sun Edit 2k Key Generator Please help ..... love to give NOD their asses handed to them self once aging Sun2k edit master code for the key gen.txt
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