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  1. hi, or downgrading your system to Mojave could be an option aswell. Greetings
  2. hi all, can someone help me? somehow i cannot login to cncnet anymore. i don't know why. watch my screenshot to see what happens when i try to login. greetings PeterSky
  3. Hi all, me again. I have good networks to all Pro clans in Red Alert 1. (ORA, TA, cousins, BAT, etc...) I know from a large ammount of players that they really would like to have a clan ladder for 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 games. Moreover there are many Pro players much better in team games then in 1v1. Installing a clan ladder could give a huge impulse to the whole community. Maybe the clan ladder winners of the respective month could get for example a special medal or just their clan logo in their nicknames in red or yellow letters. (picture) TBH i have no clue how much work that would cause for the Admins. Maybe you guys could think about that idea. Best Greetings p[e]tersky from clan [e] http://www.redalert.one/2019/05/e-team.html
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