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  1. OpenRa mod that will play very similar to the original game. You can currently host a game for online play.
  2. Sorry.....It’s not my mod. I’m just trying to help track down some former players of the game so we can try to get this as close to the original as we can. Thanks for updating that for me.
  3. First off, a playable version of sole survivor is live with online play. It’s freaking awesome! This game still has a lot of work left and we will need people to help test and contribute knowledge if you used to play. We will have to balance the game ourselves. If you are interested in helping, playing, or just wanna come hang out. See the discord channel below. https://discord.gg/kNeBVQ Thanks, snow
  4. We have a rough, but playable, version of this back up and being worked on with online play. Let me know if anyone is interested in getting involved!
  5. Anyone interested in playing ss again?
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