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  1. What they could do is put infantry and vehicles together on the same tab, as opposed to having separate ones for them. Either way, its an improvement over navigating a single column imo.
  2. There may not even be a RA2 remaster. I recommend supporting the existing efforts so that they will make an RA2 remaster.
  3. Super weapons/Calldowns should be put on the building tab. As far as I am aware, only 3 exist: Ion Canon Nuclear Missile Air Strike It’s pointless for only 3 slots to be occupied on an 18 slot grid. Everything else looks great. I can’t wait to see what the unit icons look like.
  4. The UI looks very clean and detailed. I like that they the added a little more real estate for buttons to avoid scrolling through the tabs. Do super weapons really need their own tab, though? I am curious. Are they releasing both C&C and Red Alert Remastered at the same time? Since the artwork and functionality was nearly identical, it might make more sense to have them both come out at once as part of the same client.
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