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  1. Tokra85

    Mouse Issues

    I'm an idiot, I had tried the arrow keys but not right click! I'm sure I will ask more idiotic questions when I get to the other older C&Cs - thanks @FunkyFr3sh!
  2. Tokra85

    Mouse Issues

    Hey guys I'm new in here and been having a headache until I came across your site getting the old C&C games going. My issue is with Tiberian Sun (at the moment) as I need to run it fullscreen as I want to stream it. I have a 2560x1440 monitor so run it at 1920x1080 in game, however I'm having the issue of my mouse constantly going over to my other 2 screens when scrolling across the map and if I click it send the game into crazy mode, minimizing and then messing up on OBS. If I play the game in window mode it locks the mouse in game, but OBS doesn't show the screen even though it detects the game capture window so have to use display capture instead. Anyway I don't want to confuse the matter bringing OBS into it but is there anyway of locking the mouse to the game in fullscreen with multiple monitor setup? Thanks!
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