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  1. Flyingz


    You might want to delete this :) When I reformatted HD and reinstalled a while ago I neglected to recopy the maps and movies. Sorry about that.
  2. Flyingz


    That link is for how to install. Does that mean re-installing from my disc is the only solution? As mentioned I have a working (except RA2 SP only) XWIS version installed. If I need to have the old CD's wearing out my DVD/CD drive while I play I'll pass.
  3. Flyingz


    Hello this is FlyingZ and I am looking to play the default RA2 campaign. I have installed "Red-Alert-2-Multiplayer" exe form years ago from XWIS so I don't require the disc. The SP fails even with the original discs loaded (unable to read scenario). The question is; do I need to install from the original discs or is there a way to direct the XWIS install to my CD drive? Simply adding the map mix files to XWIS directory failed. Was going to ask at their forums but didn't feel comfortable giving up my CD keys to access a form which I was a member of for years. Thanks
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