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  1. Goddammit. Makes sense. After about 100 my units just stopped moving. Sucks because I wanted to have a crap ton of units moving on this map in all different places but I guess that was the limitations for 1999. Hope they fix/update it in the remaster. Thank you guys very much for the info.
  2. Good Evening all. Long story short I am making my first map in Tiberian Sun Firestorm and it's got quite a bit of things going on. My waypoints have tallied up to about 121 so that traffic can move around the town automatically. The map titled "Road to Chicago" has about 8 AI vehicles driving around so far and i'm trying to add more. However as I get up into the 100's on the waypoint count, the units stop following the way points and stop or just don't move all together. Therefor are only about 100 waypoints allowed before units just stop working or...? Thank you in advance. If I posted this in the wrong section my apologies.
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