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  1. The idea is you are suppose to run out of mining ore 🙂 and the outpost to the South is there for its O.P. turret for paratrooper planes flying onto the map, Theoretically, the closer you are towards the city platform the less ore you have, but in return you have quicker access to the oil fields heavily concentrated downtown. The city is designed to be blasted to a crumble to better place your territory. The buildings are placed to obstruct your view, but also you can use it as an element of surprise. Starting at position one has a huge disadvantage to currency, but with a better defensive outpost. 2 has great access to the west side of the city for quick garrisons and oil derricks. 2 can also mine gems North but since position 1 is hungry for currency you will have to fight for it. Position 3 and 4 have quick access to the 3 nuclear plants at the North of the map, but 3 can be attacked from all directions with the idea to build your base slightly NW of the starting position so the opponents will have to bottle neck between the mountain to the West and creek to the East to get to you. Position 4 can defend/destroy the NE bridge for defense and battle the east side of the map first, but they have limited access to ore/oil derricks similar to position 1. Position 5 will be attacked from the North and South of the starting position, but they are the closest to the two airfields for paratroopers which is a HUGE advantage for that spot. Position 6 has a chance to sneak in the back door of its North and West opponents, and this spot has access to four oil derricks, a spare ore field, and a repair depot at a cost of the distance from the city center. Position 7 has great access to four smaller power plants to balance out the nuclear reactors on the North of the map and decent access to 4 oil derricks and the hospital, but if you are too focused on snatching tech buildings your opponents can cross from the East or NW where they have the high ground. Position 8 is closer to the city center but can be attacked from the East or West while trying to capture tech buildings to the North. I designed it with team play/multiplayer in mind. It can get a little chaotic with a 1v7 skirmish. Defending the path of entry via the tree lines helps bottle neck opponents heavy equipment, but your opponents also have a choice to take troops through the trees or blast a path through with tanks. Controlling bridges is a key tactic with structures being utilized for garrison. There are about 20-22 oil derricks, but if they get destroyed by your opponent there are other options, but the less there are, the bigger the target is on the oil derricks. I hope this answered the above question. It is designed to give you a different experience from each starting position. If you want a challenge play as Russia in position 1 with 7 Brutal Americans lol I havent beat that challenge yet. 🙂 Thx guys and let me know if you have any more questions.
  2. Stuck at work? To broke to go on vacation? Need some CNC relief? I've got a great American travel spot for download to sooth your spirit. This map is modeled off of the beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Pulled the island lay out for scale references. I hope you enjoy! hilton_head_island (2-4) by osmagnus.yrm
  3. I will edit these asap and upload again. I actually meant to go back and fix the section on the last image and it totally slipped my mind lol thanks for the info on the cliff edge also. I was unaware of the situation with cliff edges. I appreciate your time and effort to help me improve this.
  4. Hey eveyone, Just had a quick question, how can I add an entire over-head-view/map preview showcasing a built map in my threads so the community can see the map before downloading? I was curious if this is achieved in Final Alert 2 or if a special software is needed. I attempted a print screen, but that was a waste of time. Example of what I am asking is viewed below. (The pic is not my content...just an example) I hope this doesn't seem like a newb question, but it has me boggled lol thanks for all the support and I love the community here. I am planning on uploading more quality maps soon 🙂
  5. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum, but wanted to add a very detailed city map to the community. I have over +20 hours detailing and strategically balancing the deploy positions for each location mark. This is a 2-8 player map with a width= about 180 and height= about 200. I haven't test on multiplayer, but I have tested the map on 7 brutal skirmish and I am excited to see how challenging it can be on multiplier. STRATEGY IS KEY! It has a low ore rate per starting location, but a dense population of oil refineries to entice players to occupy key locations in the center city. Also "attempted" to design a dam (which is a tad cheesy IMO) with nuclear reactor power plants at the top of the map guarded by AI conscripts, and if you want the paratroopers you will have to earn it :-) I thoroughly enjoyed designing and perfecting this Yuri's Revenge Map. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK ONCE PLAYED TO HELP BETTER MY MAP DESIGNS. Thanks all and I hope you enjoy! *Yuri's Revenge Needed *Please leave feed back! (Constructive Criticism Approved) ****The map has been updated since the below issues were brought to my attention.**** the_state (2-8) by_andrew_dalton.yrm the_state (2-8) by xxosmagnusxx.yrm
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