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  1. well.... as far as i know this is exactly what i did but it did not work! i even tried: "none", "false" and "0" i can try it again... no not working. i can still hear tanya. seems like it automatically uses the default value when there s no input... i even tried disabling the original unit and creating a copy of the original unit in which the create sound was not implemented but the new unit didn t show up in the map albeit the original unit was disabled.... i guess i have to try it via the soundmd.ini: MinVolume=90 and Volume=85 and putting both to 0... also NOT working
  2. So i made some maps before but this is the first time i made a map with an actual good looking map preview. the size of the whole .map is 1,3 MB + and the size of the preview picture is 1000 x 305 pixel - is that too much? EDIT: well it IS working now. i made a smaller version of the preview which is only 350 x 107
  3. So I am trying to change some of the unit sounds because i failed in completely disabling them. the problem is: i already managed to find all those sound files with the XCC mixer but the names of them are completely different as named in the Rulesmd.ini. So the question is: in which game file is the list which says which game sound to play equals which soundfile? for instance: "BruteAttackCommand" is the soundfile "ibruatta"
  4. Hello, as i perceived it: the streaming to friends actually did work in client version 5.2 but it lost that ability/compability with version 5.3
  5. so... when i join ppls games it s possible that the game runs completely liquid. but when i host myself i m often experiencing lags, even when everyone's ping is around 50ms. do i have to open some ports for the servers on my router?
  6. so.... just 5 mins ago i changed the settings from default this to default this by editing the GameOptions.ini . now it says that either the joined player X or me has different files and might be cheating. and that s why ppl tend to leave my game now. please: make it so that you can make your own in-game settings without being accused of cheating Q_Q
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