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  1. Hi guys, since last friday when i start a game i get an ultra-slow game; all the folks has good ping (70/100), the tunnel server on me is 70 ping, everything loads fine but then the game is really unplayable for how is slow if i play 2v2, the game is sometimes ultra slow and then sometimes it speeds up and becomes normal what could it be? game speed is already set to Fastest (60 fps) thanks for everyone who will help
  2. Tazar

    Problem with update 5.2

    seems to be working this way oh god was so easy, if i knew it i wouldnt spend 2 hr trying to solve Q_Q ty mate
  3. hi guys, after the issues i had yesterday with 5.0, 5.1 made me play with no problem today 5.2 is still giving me error im playing on an old pc with graphics card integrated on mainboard, always played without problem today with 5.2 im having this error i tried to uninstall all .NET, reinstalling .NET 4.5 and then XMA .NET 4.0 tried both the launch option u see under, but nothing works still have this error to come out i seriously dont know what to do, its 1,5 year i play without problem and today i dont find a solution thanks to all who help
  4. Tazar

    Problem with update 5.0

    so what can i do with windows 7?
  5. Hi guys! Just updated to version 5.0, but i have an error after the update and i cant enter the client. It's happening on both my 2 computers; how to fix this? i had to reinstall the client and refuse the update, but seems like few people can see or enter my game lobby Thank you in advance, Tazar
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