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  1. .NET 4.5 update won't work either (on a Windows 7 machine). I receive this message: .....plus, opening the CnCnetclient directly only presents this message: ...I have noticed while reading the other images within the newer support threads of this same issue that the "KABOOOOM" error message claims different file strands are to blame - at least at first, when looking at the reason it failed. ughhhh what a nightmare.
  2. Both the above methods suggested have not solved this :( And even after visiting the exact link in the illustration from the proposed image shown above, and installing DirectX or whatever was on it, the same "KABOOOM" message is displayed. I'm getting RA2 withdrawal already... I can't think of what else do to as I'm not a techie
  3. Immediately upon installing the new 5.0 version (23mb) at the prompt, it will no longer open CnCnet for me. .....now I can't play anymore. Restarted computer, twice. Nothing. Double-checked compatibility settings and Administrator privileges. Nothing. Here is the attached ERROR message= it appears within 3 seconds of opening the icon and there is NO way around it. ...whats going on? and here is the CrashLOG ClientCrashLog_26_8_2019_6_55.txt It would appear to relate to this piece of info within the report=
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