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  1. I did maybe many playthroughs with someone. There's 2 logs (the next 2) that show the error. Desync happened about on the second badger bomber drop. Then did maybe 3-6? playthroughs with badr drops disabled and removed forward command centers, (no desync). The problem with desync is within team and triggers and forward command post. Somewhere. On the logs you posted, its obvious the game ended upon the badr and its troops. By removing, I mean I used ";" at the beginning of all the lines for teams and trigs. ;[TeamTypes] ;para5=16,0,7,0,1,9,3,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;para3=14,0,7,0,1,14,5,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;para7=18,0,7,0,1,11,1,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;para2=13,0,7,0,1,12,0,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;para8=19,0,7,0,1,15,6,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;para6=17,0,7,0,1,13,2,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;para4=15,0,7,0,1,10,4,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;para1=12,0,7,0,1,8,7,3,E1:8,E6:1,BADR:1,0 ;[Trigs] ;cmd2=2,13,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,3,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 ;cmd7=2,18,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,2,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 ;cmd6=2,17,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,5,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 ;cmd5=2,16,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,0,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 ;cmd4=2,15,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,6,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 ;cmd3=2,14,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,1,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 ;cmd8=2,19,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,4,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 ;cmd1=2,12,1,0,32,-1,30,13,-1,150,7,7,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,-1 and also did this: [STRUCTURES] ;0=Multi1,fcom,256,645,0,None,0,0 ;1=Multi5,fcom,256,704,0,None,0,0 ;2=Multi4,fcom,256,761,0,None,0,0 except imagine to all 8 players. removed fcom this way. The way the game works ingame with these enabled in skirmish , is while the player has forward command post available, (no one destroyed it), the triggers will check every 5-10 minutes, (whatever was set time) and send out reinforcement infantry to their base. If the fcom is destroyed, no reinforcements. Players can't build Fcom , they start with it. Generally Fcom has a use, free units, similar to airfield but its automatic. It may just be the triggers though, being the problem. I include both bc thats what I removed to remove desync. As far as the civilian icons. They exist somewhere on the world wide web. I need to keep looking! Found them once. I beleive they are located on project perfect forums, in a post.
  2. Girlfriend said likes the name funkyfresh too. adds personality. Oh I will find those icons. Or make them myself. They will have to be compatible. Will work on that bug first and be patient. Yes Kevin
  3. I would like to diagnose it. The map itself is heavily modded. I wonder how to get you more logs, those sent automatically from online play? I could do the ugly delete 50% of lines of code, playtest, repeat. Thats the worse case scenario. Also the map has been saved back and forth through notepad, RAedit, original map editor, RAedit loves to mess up changes made, making its own. It might be easier if I find a volunteer who wants to help do a real test, kind of boring, but slowly log and build one unit at a time. till it desyncs. <Maybe this good idea. My reward for finding such bug is icons available for civilians in the spawn file right? (beggar). Like how ants have one etc. Btw me and girlfriend have unofficially nicknamed you quack quack. I had to tell her it was important I got back with the admin about the map. Forgot "funkyfresh" at time so told her first thing to mind "Have to talk to quack quack about the map first before bed."
  4. And hence forth the map was uploaded! Spent stinky time on it to play test and watch it desync. I see your name on google search often, have preanswered many unrelated questions to red alert 1 to others on cncnet in the past. and your still active. Appretiate the help, and it really helps. I removed ";" from the trigger and teamtype lines. So triggers active again, not sure they even had to do with the desync. Map works for skirmish mode just not online multiplayer anymore some reason. TACTICS0.MPR
  5. I was trying to be careful and the map worked in its early versions. The version have now is causing myself and other players to desync about 5 minutes into the game with this custom map. The map is kinda fun and different. Tried to take inspiration from starcrafts style. Its not too radical. But I think my questions are what makes the red alert 1 (include aftermath) dsync online? Consider its custom map, unit alterations, image changes. Worse case scenario I'll release it as a single player skirmish map. I make use of the spawn file that holds images of c&c dawn units. The RAedit adds triggers. I tried deactivating the triggers and teams hopping that was the mighty fix. Well didn't seem to do it.
  6. Red Alert 1 Tactics Rules Maps 2.4: Project Start and End 9/12/19 to 9/17/19. Time to bake on a playthrough of tale two wastelands. -------------------------------------------------------- Message to Moderator!! Please, Please, Not diffcult to do: ADD all Cnc Tiberiam Dawn Icons (Including buildings) to the spawn1.mix. At a minimum add in missing icons for all those civilian units. This mod was focused on mulltiplayer only so I was heavily dependent on what resources Everyone has by default in their client. The icons for nod and gdi very big thanks! --------------------------------------------------------- Where to start. Cigarette. mhm. Oh yes. No I didn't no way. ... The Tactics Rules follows rock paper scissors, and make units useful if they weren't. Deal damage to anyone who spams the same unit was goal. Make use of the DOG, the SPY, the ???? insert blank here. Choppas nice too! Send them out and sometimes they just do their own thing! After target gone. -Walls are double strength(cement). This was accomplished by cutting the units hp and dmg down by 1/2, then a 1/4. So they felt the same, sorta, balanced a bit. -Try building that WIRE FENCE. Zap. SHock. Hmm its actually good now. I wall off with it every time. Unsellable (Limit to engine I presume) So just wall off 1 entrance. -Try to spam op mammoths! Yes they good! Strong. AIR STRIKE(ouch nevermind). They ARE good (just not alone), just make sure to have the nod buggies, rocket men, mechanics, and OTHER(insert blank here of support units) -Spam them teslas! Maybe still viable, but i need to see a video of someone pull it off in the map attached. Hmm, maybe engineer, goes to building, capture, build telsa, while having choppers over head to distract the bullets, then yep that may do it. Or be on 3-5 bases early game. -Make an air fleet and forget your base for a moment, do some micro, they can do work if no aa defenses. I mean.... forever if nothing killing them, swipe out the map. -Every unit "should" have a hard counter. To kill mammoth, spam Artillery... wait... spam artillery behind your wall, (walls are good now, remember..). put a few tanks in the front maybe to block the entrance. ... Maybe try the tesla melee infantry as meatsheild. ... also try just grabbing a fast light vehicle and drive it around the tanks while artillery melts them. If other player is spamming units and not microing.. he will pay. Takes time to make an army in these rules. ...... Man its all about AIR, wheres the rest? .......... The rest killed me. .......... -Dogs sniff out the stealth units, have one in base. Theif no joke. Spy is just silly sniping shit. I should have sent him into the building before player noticed. cost 650$ and killed 5 guys worth $200. Wait killed einstien so thats $1000. -Ground units are viable all game. You have to expand your base closer,... closer... They work best if they just traveling to the neigher or two. Diagonal across map only if opponent is way behind. -Infantry are still bleh. Used often early mid game. Something you never see. But by late game, some guy always seems to have conquered half tthe map and tons of money. Destroy his silos. Yes. SILOS. Grab a stealthy theif. Something. I killed a guy winning, by targeting his income (me 2 base vs 5 base). He spread expand so fast, no defenses, so I did multiprong attacks with ground at front, and air across map. I didn't win per se, but he quit when i destroyed his income despite massive base. -Take it back, I use infantry in the beggining of every game I just switch out once on 3 base and teched up. They are cheap, and defend well. Just cost APM and my sc2 APM is about 26. Peaked at 30 killing the 5 base guy. -Yes you can be rushed with an engineer, you can die to 1 engineer. Nah.. 2. 2 will take over construction yard and refinery. thats GG. 1 wire fence up at each entrance will prevent this. ITS NOT THAT HARD TO DO. Hehe. but don't so I can do that cheap trick again. -Theifs are useful. Who makes dogs. As soon as you start, make theif and send to each side next to you. steal credits, and make a second base fast. I rely on people not making dogs, all game. They are stealth and can target silos or refineries. A $50 theif can net you $500-3000 depending what opponent is doing. -Nod Buggies and APCs are great for countering rocket men, but do the move, attack, move again, so you dodge the rockets. ........All this talk about what to do......... What about the details? -Silos are required. Else stay at 1000 money cap. In game players build silos and thats a fast target to destroy or steal. harder late game. -The maps include Naval pathways. Naval was tested more on the desert map but at moment no balance was made to them. I don't know their strength. Helicarrier useful for mass chopper attack. They carry 1 each so you can more properly launch attacks. of choppers. With how choppers respond, its fun to do. -Ants are stealth. Close your eyes now. Imagine... just imagine, they are moving underground. That was the point. -Artillery and V2 useful behind Tanks. Etc. Name that meat unit. They are essential due to some bases being with them walls, tanks cant break through easily and take losses. take down the wall, then go. -Gun Turrets shoot over walls. Flame Turrets don't. Be sure to test out the flame attack for yourself. ......... Stats man.......stats.... I'll run over a basic. Explosive or tank fire kills tanks. Fire no affect on heavy stuff. If its a bullet, it shouldn't hurt tanks or heavy stuff at all really. Tanks suck against infantry. Except of course bullet or fire. Base structures are weak. When you are waiting on income, make a wall. ............................................................ Microing units to win a battle was worked on a lot. As a starcraft 1&2 fan, I just did what I could to make it seem right. This is done by: -I followed this slogan: (made up during development of the map): "If it costs more APM, its more rewarding." So generally you killing off some silos, sniping off something (while macroing the base you have). And doing this harrass with a unit or 2, does help. I forced someone to ally me or die, by threat of choppa. (1 unit) Er herm. a $900 unit. Okay fine, I sent in theif and spy and choppa, and did other things, eventually destroying his silos, so he allied. then rebuilt, and without him we couldn't kill the other guy across the map. Not with my 26 apm,alone. -The supply truck holds a crate. kill truck in 1 shot any unit, get crate, get upgrade. Hero unit by 3 crates. Again it costs you APM, your time. Generally any unit that is speed firepower armor upgraded, will be as strong as 3 of itself. Whats more important, is you can do a lot with that unit. im sure. its untested, so curious what the best hero unit is. -The radar jammer (barrel building) is a poor mans silo. Silo is $2000, Barrel is just $19. I use them during early game to fast expand. Just remember they are still barrels in your base lol. Silo gives 1000 storage, Barrel is 500st, and 20 power. Its a good deal, if you dont mind placing them as FAR away from you. I do it to bases I don't care about nor think someone attack that base. Think. -The game/rules/ ore trucks,/the map, is geared to make it so you have a ton of money, you spend it, then theres downtime. Like no spending base money, waiting for the next load of income... the whole point is this is window of harrass opponent time. Scouting, poking. Missiles are good but slow. I went in and poked, killed his 5 rocket men, with infantry. They stood outside, sorry. -The above is to give the player a break from base building. Gives you full apm for airstrikes, or ground assualt, naval if thats your thing. Its micro time. -Infantry can walk over ridges/rock. They do get stuck sometimes, but its a nice small buff for them. They can't be crushed. I'm done talking about it. Hopefully I covered at least half. The map is decently detailed (The Hunt). I think theres a map called the hunt, from westwood. THIS IS DIFFERENT ONE> DIS IS SPAAATA. There are 3 Maps to choose from, however the file named "TheHunt" is the only one close to or completely finished/bugfree since Ive played so far. If you know how to open the maps in notepad plus and familiar with how it looks inside, just copy the rules from TheHunt, and replace with the rules in the other 2(if you want the other 2 updated and bugfree). Before doing that I recommend playing the hunt to understand the mod play better, then modify /tweak the other 2 map terrains to update them slightly, before online play. "Why don't you do it for us?" Maybe, I'm just really tired now, spent 3-5 days modding red alert 1 for fun, going back to sc2 modding now. (lie, fallout 3 tale two wasteland play through) The Hunt is fully playable. And more so the official version of how it should be done, the other two may be fun aswell, they were during early testing. PRO TIP: On your first play with online players, put down some kind of anti infantry defense. Even a wire fence , 1 each side, leave entrance open enough as they arent sellable, but they do ZAP runbys. Also focus on saving enough money, (dont spend it all!) so you can expand to either side. with refinery. The map is balanced around -10,000 credits -Check bases, Aftermath Game, Ore Regrows, . Bug fixes wont mess game up. Its okay to check that if want. Make sure the first 3 in this sentence are checks. If you put less than 10000 credits, you may have trouble base building. Put more, and you nerf all the changes done to infantry. Infinite or rich money means mammoth spam. Ai only half way works with country RUSSIA. Lastly. No pics. Fallout 3 time pleeeeash. EDIT OMG. Also the map is balanced to be played on FASTEST. Do number 7 in the cncnet lobby. This is because every single unit , projectile speed, any thing speed related, was slowed down to look normal, in a fast game. Many changes were made in the rules.ini. FALLOUT time now INFINIT0.MPR INFINIT2.MPR THEHUNT0 - Copy.MPR
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