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  1. Until this crashing issue gets sorted out I've found a crude workaround. I can "reload" a save file without the game crashing by aborting the mission, exiting the game completely, starting the game back up, and loading the save file again from the main menu. It's hardly ideal, but it'll have to do for now, as I'd rather not have to skip Red Alert and play Tiberian Sun instead just because of some technical difficulties.
  2. @FunkyFr3sh I think these are my savegames? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lfy6eYhGUgu8qBPNxPjwgl0nrv4P74TC From what I can tell, the game itself plays perfectly fine. The first time I load a save file after booting the game up, everything works like it should. The second time I load a save file after booting the game up is usually when crashes occur.
  3. singlecpu is indeed set to "true". Where would I find these savegames in my game folder?
  4. Update. Skirmishes work completely fine. Crashes only seem to happen after loading previously saved files. EDIT: Also got this message in addition to the one telling me to send a crash dump to Iran for debugging.
  5. I have not attempted to play anything outside of the Allied campaign yet. I'm currently on Allied Mission 3, which is where I've had to do the most save reloading so far because shooting down Attack Dogs before they can one-shot Tanya is a pain. Missions 1 and 2 were easy enough not to need any save reloading, so I didn't experience any problems in those. Here's my crash dump: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CrHGGaSGuqZoYTVzINf3x90_PHeQ_vZ8 I have to give it as a Google Drive link because it isn't one of the accepted file types for direct upload. Let me know if you need any other information.
  6. Hello, there. I'm trying to play Red Alert 1 as part of the Ultimate Collection, but the game keeps crashing on me, particularly whenever I reload a save file. I've already patched the game with FunkyFr3sh's installer and followed the advice given here: So far, it's still not working and I have no idea what to do. I have a crash dump. Where do I need to upload it?
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