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  1. okay I'm attaching the log, kindly take a look Is it possible that Catalina MacOS s causing the problems ? Because Red Alert 2 is very slow as well. Counter strike and Generals and call of duty are running smooth. thank you new log.txt
  2. Hello Funky Thank you for your reply. I have attached the wine configurations, take a look there might be some applications I have to add. I dunno whether its not working because of the Catalina MacOS, since I have tried it on the Yosemite and it worked with the same version of CrossOver v19. Awaiting your kind reply,
  3. Hello, Please I need your help, I'm receiving this error whenever I want to launch Red Alert 95, it will allow me to enter the lobby to choose the map and teams, but whenever I want to launch the game I receive the error "the instruction at 7bca2e25 referenced memory at 00000068" which is attached as a picture as well. I have a macOS Catalina and using Crossover V 19, all other games are working except Red Alert.... I have changed the windows version settings to XP, 98, 2000, 7, 8, 10 none of them works. Kindly I need your help Thank you
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