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  1. I found a thread on the topic of restoring original artillery performance: https://ppmforums.com/topic-36053/editing-nod-artillery/ Below is a comment by Nordos in that thread. He refers to copying the weapon and then copying the vanilla rules. I am interested in trying this, but am trying to figure out the best way to start. Does anyone know how to do this? Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:32 pm Post subject: AFAIK does the hardcoding of 155mm two effects: It limits the damage output to a specific value, and (dunno if it is because of the damage), it doesn't use the yellow animations, but only the grey explosions. (The Deformation isn't happening because of the Treshold, AFAIK, since the hardcoded damage is below the treshold) As far as I am concerned, it is far easier to copy the weapon itself, and copy the vanilla rules
  2. Dear cncnet team and forum users, I know that Nod's artillery was severely nerfed in Firestorm. While I understand the rationale for the change, this and other changes left Nod underpowered. For my own enjoyment, I am hoping to create a mod to restore the original Vanilla TS artillery performance to a Firestorm game. An online search mentioned that the change was made in the EXE file. I wanted to confirm whether that is true and also to ask--if it is true--whether/how I can change the coding to achieve the objective above. I figured this would be the best place to ask, given the expertise of many people on this forum. If anyone is able to provide any guidance, I would appreciate it tremendously! Best, DH
  3. Dear CnCnet team, My friend and I recently found CnCnet and are loving it! We are so grateful that you have provided such an amazing service to the global cnc community. We have played RA, RA2 YR, and now TS on your servers. I recently tried my hand at a minor mod for TS by modifying the rules.ini. In doing some searching I realized that this would work for offline games, but for cncnet games I would need to copy the rules.ini file and rename it as spawn.xdp. I did that and placed it in my SUN folder. My friend did the same. However, the games we play appear to be the default (not mod version). Am I missing a step or am I placing the file in the wrong folder? If you have any advice at all it would be enormously appreciated. Best, DH Edit: I believe I have figured it out. It looks like the spawn.xdp info I mentioned above applies for RA, but not TS. I found the cncnet TS folder and put in my modified rule.ini and it worked. I have not tested it yet with my friend, but it worked for me when I played skirmish with an AI on the cncnet server.
  4. Thank you for your reply. : ) Here is the log file. Today I can see a few more games, but only about 6, even though there are many more. I know this because I have Windows 7 on my old hard drive and if I select that as my boot drive I am able to use CnCnet normally. It is only when I boot to Windows 10 that I have this odd situation of only seeing a few games in the lobby. On a side note, I get flagged that there is an update available for RA YR (5.5), but when I click the link to see the change log I get routed to the CnCnet forum and the link there sends me to github. At github there are update files to download/source code, but I do not see a change log. where is the actual change log posted? In case you are wondering, I have not installed that update on my Windows 7 hard drive either and as mentioned above that has not been a problem. client.log
  5. hello, I was thrilled to find CnCNet recently. My friend and I both found your site a few weeks ago and have been enormously grateful for it. Things were working well and then I decided to upgrade from Win 7 to 10 due to the fact that Win 7 will no longer be supported in mid Jan 2020. I reinstalled Yuri's Revenge as well as the CnC client for YR. Now when I enter the game lobby I cannot see the usual list of ongoing games. The list has zero to 2 games that show up. I can see players listed, including my friend, but if I create a game he cannot see it and if vice versa. I am at a loss as to why I seem to be isolated in terms of the game list. I can see the usual lobby messages and can also see the player list. Any help you can provide would be tremendously appreciated. Kind regards
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