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  1. Found the solution. Need to update to the new AMD Adrenaline drivers Jan 2020. Once updated, the game works
  2. Trying to setup Origin RA2/YR on a new Macbook Pro 16". Downloaded the software from Origin, installed latest YR CNC5 installer. The new MBP16 has a Radeon Pro 5300M. Following the issues I experienced: 1. Using Origin, I can start the program but I see the application only on around 1/9 of the display on the top left side of the MBP16 display - the rest is black and obviously the game cannot be payed due to the small resolution. Tried to look for solutions, changed to the latest ddraw.ddl I could find - no change 2. Using CNC, I can set it up but I cannot run it in a full display mode . The main screen shows in around 2/3 of the display and does not scale / stretch at all. When running a skirmish, the game display is slightly bigger than the one I experience in point 1. above but only slightly and I cannot play it due to display/resolution limitations. Wonder if there is a specific Radeon setup I should use or any fixes that I should use to have a working game. Thanks in advance Fubar
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