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  1. yes! It worked. I uninstalled Tiberian sun, reinstalled it with the TFD Disc and just updated it with the TSPatch. I had to remove the compatibility mode with Win 98 and now it runs perfectly. Many thanks my friend
  2. Hi guys, i try to play TibSun with CnC the first decade Version and i already installed the "tfd-103-rev4" patch. Is it now even possible for me to install the TSPatch and run the game proberly? When i start the game now without the TSPatch, the game freezes all the time in the main menu when i klick on any button. When i install the TSPatch, i cant Play the firestorm missions anymore. I dont want to Play multiplayer at all, i just wanna Play the Campaign or skirmish. Please let me know if you have any ideas for a solution. Thanks in Advance guys.
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