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  1. I was just wondering if the RA1 HQ OST (mentioned elsewhere 'round these parts) might work with this. I take it your personal collection of RA1 music tracks are all the highest quality available? I moved the HQ OST to my installation the other night and noticed a BIG difference in sound quality. As an artist and music lover, it's one of the main reasons I still love the C&C games Gonna have to reinstall though, as I think I'm missing the 3.03b patch or something. Might have wound up with an older installer somehow or another. I greatly appreciate all the work that has gone into the various installers from various parties since some of the Westwood games went free. Very cool having easy access to all my favorite classics. Thanks everyone! Oh! Is it possible to add the higher quality music tracks to MAIN.MIX with the mix editor?
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