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  1. Unfortunately, only ddwrapper/default showed any signs of life... but it was a black screen that closed itself within a few seconds. No sound, no visuals, just black and closed on it's own. I tried windowed and fullscreen, but no dice. I'm worried I might have messed something up. Thank you for the heads up though. Maybe I need to clear my computer of the game and redownload everything...?
  2. Hello! I have a bit of an issue... I downloaded everything, but whenever I try to launch the game, it simply does not boot. I can pull up the online, LAN, and skirmish menus fine but the moment I try to boot the game it just doesn't load. No error pops up, it just doesn't load. I'm using windows 10 if that helps any, not too good at fixing these sorts of things. Hope this problem hasn't been addressed already or I overlooked it! Any ideas of what I could have missed, by chance? Really would like to play this game again if anyone can help...
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