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  1. Hello there community, I'm an tiberian sun fan since childhood and I really happy that I discover cncnet and thanks to the patch, I can play this game alone without problems and crashes alone. But when I try to play with my friend from online game against AI. everytime it says reconnection error after we play sometime like 30 or 45 min. this is like we are defending like hell during this time. and after we established a good defence the AI understands it will lose and uses its ultimate power. "reconnection error". there is not problem when we form a game from lobby and we start the game together. but after we create an army to destroy the AI. the computers says its you and me now. By the way I can still play the game alone to against 7 AI without any crash. We really want to play coop. Are there any one knows how to stop this AI to become skynet?
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