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  1. Please tell why is my game lagging after 20-30 seconds. My internet and bandwidth are perfectly fine.
  2. I am facing some issues with CNC NET YURIS REVENGE ONLINE. So as soon as 30 seconds pass the game starts lagging. My internet speed is perfectly fine and I've double checked the bandwith as well. Can anyone help???
  3. The game rooms lists are lagging. After every 1 minute the error shows DTA client has stopped working/not responding and again. Gets worse when lots of people are online. Its so slow that im unable to even select a game room and then the error shows up.
  4. Having the same problem. If you find any solution please post here
  5. Did that. Helped a bit but the problems back. It got better after the last update. But mow again same issue. Seems to happen when a high number of players are online.
  6. My cncnet YR client is running very slow. So much that i cant even select the rooms i want to join. The gameplay is fast its fine. But the rooms list the options menu etc all that is very slow. Any help?
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