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  1. just find out: It's in skirmish mode/Settings/Red Alert/Advanced config/game option and i select "enable aftermath expansion.
  2. When i try to play online or skirmish i dont have the "Aftermath Game" option. Anybody know why? please help
  3. I dont know why but i dont have this chekbox in my game room... why?
  4. Hi I am playing with 6 friends online with "cncnet 5" and we allways have the same units. I saw that the aftermath expension have a lot of new one that we would like to try. Can you explain me very simply how can we do that? I changed Rules.ini to see if its adding something in skirmish and i didnt saw new units. I would love a simple way to have all the possible red alert 1 units for everybody. The only thing i managed to do is to change some map codes on the map editor to have both allies and soviet units for everybody. But i want more! Please help me!! ive been seeking for a solutions for days! Sam
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