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  1. Good evening dear people from cncnet, I'm currently working on an arena map for YR, which has a unit selection area on the outside and the main battlefield in the center. Since people are also able to spawn air units I would need some sort of exploit protection for the selection area, so that people don't fly into these to activate all spawn triggers or to block their enemy's unit selection. The border currently looks like this: To protect the selection area I've planned to implement something better than just neutral AA that shoots down any air unit this time, so I've experimented with triggers. The triggers should then set locals to destroy the airforce of the player that just entered the cell (or ideally just a certain team). There is a trigger-event in Final Alert 2, which works with that: Number 59 "entered or overflown by". The problem I'm currently facing is: This trigger doesn't work with certain players, only with "-1", which means everyone. So if I set "Player A" as the variable for this event it doesn't activate the trigger. Is the trigger itself broken and does anyone in here has an idea on how to fix that? Any other ideas on how I can acchieve a good protection? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Best regards, DoctorEvil.
  2. As a quick update on the teased map: I'm currently quite busy with my other huge project I've been working on since 2015 - so unfortunately the map will come a lot later than expected. I'm sorry for that.
  3. Hello there! The "Red Alert 2" tickbox modifies the game in a way that it is similar to the original Red Alert 2 without Yuri's Revenge. No Yuri Faction, no units from the addon (like GGI or siege chopper) and, as far as I know, also slight gameplay changes.
  4. Thank you very much kind sir! Please let me also appreciate your work as a map maker and especially your YouTube Channel with its countless tutorials.
  5. If you dear people don't mind I'd like to share my own maps as well in here. I've added them into the attachments here. Besides I've made a thread about them here - so any updates will be posted there: DoctorEvil Maps.7z
  6. Ah I know this map! Basically a League of Legends for YR. Very cool map - I've played it a few times! 😁
  7. Hello dear CNCNet! Since I've already made a couple of maps for Yuri's Revenge and people seem to like them I'd like to share all of them with you here. Some of them are ports from my Mental Omega collection (which you can find here), some of them are completely original for Yuri's Revenge. Have fun playing the maps! Survival Maps: Map 1: Pacific Survival Type: A wet 3 Player Survival Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/178AnNYX6clKqSAXKgDdTLOrdohxrHQ_X?usp=sharing (contains the latest regular version and the version MISSING has edited (if you like super units and stuff)) Preview: Map 2: The Boss Battle Type: An entirely new survival concept Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zjeFcPoNoa_rnHehe4oM5bkn0d8ZzDm_?usp=sharing (contains the latest version with an intro and the "no intro"-version if you already know the map) Preview: Map 3: Jungle Falls Survival Type: 4 Player Survival (Infantry only) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18Xs02Gz7Fi6DgBFLBKGkAWwoAYgvrKUu/view?usp=sharing Preview: Map 4: Game of Thrones Survival Type: A Survival, which is also a 3v3 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SmSuHhlb0uvt9BIeOv46wRIn8RytfMix/view?usp=sharing Preview: Battle Maps Map 1: Subcon Forest 1 Type: A cursed 3v3 Battle Map Download Links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QMVJDrco8KVdcXAgdYbuD1AryD5eGHeo/view?usp=sharing Preview: Map 2: Subcon Forest 2 Type: A cursed 4 player map Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gvhsAfXk2JypAzo6Lp4hv5gd4vWtS6XX/view?usp=sharing Preview: Map 3: Welcome to Mafia Town! Type: Simple 6 Player Battle Map Download Links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CyTQlO7WrM5vgIQ2TsdXtphR1ATczOpR/view?usp=sharingsharing Preview: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's next? Since I haven't seen a map like this on Yuri's Revenge, I'd like to reproduce the "Super Deluxe Arena" from Kanes Wrath in a YR-Version. I've loved to play that map a lot when I was a young chap, so I want to give the same experience for Yuri's Revenge Players too. Due to the popularity of the "The Boss Battle" map, this arena will work in a similar way. But see it yourself in the near future! The map is currently finished to 33%, so I hope to finish it soon. Have a sneak preview! -------------------
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