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  1. Instead of wasting time writing, go and check. There is yuri prime in RA2. And on CNCNET it works damn bad
  2. 1. possible. on all maps 2. in original ra2 there is yuri prime (read again first post how to get) 3. this bug isnt fixed You wrong in 3 of 3
  3. try to install it in RA2 folder, whithout cncnet client. Install ra2 again in other folder and dont install cncnet there. Only FinalAlert2
  4. I found mistake in ra2 mode. On cncnet Yuri prime can capture 10 units. Its wrong. He can capture on a huge distance. And in combination whith a 10 units, its no chance... In original RA2 prime can capture only 1. ( in ra2 mode player can get yuri prime, when player has soviet barraks and spyed soviet lab. It is a most hard to get unit. ) This is a big problem for RA2 mode. Please fix it. Yuri prime have to capture only 1 unit in RA2 mode. MCV, captured by yuri, cant be deployed! Its a problem. (In original RA2 it can) Big problem found. And not only in RA2 mode. Freezing Oil derrick by chrono-legioner for a second, stops it bringing money. So oil refinery can be killed by freezing on a second... Its a very big problem, i think..
  5. Westwood & RaVaGe sounds too significant. He was supposed to write "Westwood (changed by ravage)". And his name must be in small letters to emphasize insignificant changes. Russians have a very good saying that best fits this situation: "We plowed the field. I am and the tractor. - the fly said and got off the tractor. " ))))) In our case ravage as a fly ..)))))
  6. Perhaps trying to give me advice, he later wanted to put his name next to mine? ))))))
  7. Ravage, you have a great talent in cartography. Especially like "Dont mock the crocs". How were you able to create such a cool map? And only 2 people did it. I thought such a map to make you need at least 5 people.. )))) I remember you trying to give me advice. Now, having familiarized myself with your portfolio, i understand what a privilege it is for me to get advice from such an experienced and well-deserved cartographer ...)))) P.S.: All this maps included in CNCNET map pack.... "Dont mock the crocs" too.. )))))) My grandmother can make better.... ))))
  8. Added new map file. Fixed waterfall and added better preview. + added some trees..
  9. Released final version. Map tested, corrected and ready for battles. I made very good thing for this map. When somebodys amphybia enters central island, sounds sirena and radar event happens on minimap. It's very useful on this map.
  10. Solved. Value "-1" gives the desired result. Obviously, the value "-1" in the game language means "any value".
  11. Please, help solve the problem. It is necessary to create a trigger, where the event that activates the trigger should be the entering of any unit on the celltag. Since there is no "entered by any house" condition in FA2, I created a separate trigger for each house separately and linked them to each other, with reference to the same celltag. When playing multiplayer, it works only if all players have chosen all different nations for the game. But if there are the same nations in the game, for example, 3 Americans, then the trigger works only on one player out of 3 playing for America. Obviously, the identifier "America" can only be assigned to one player in one game, while the rest, apparently, are assigned to some other identifiers from a certain range. If someone knows this range, please let me know, then I can create additional triggers for identifiers from this range and my idea will work. P.S.: identifiers 4475 etc. (Player A, Player B....) dont work.
  12. Added map file. The map is very large, so large is file size. It is a pity, I had to greatly reduce the quality of the preview. My wish is that the problem with the maximum size of the map file that can be uploaded to the server at 890kb be solved. Increase it at least to 1.5, and better to 2 mb. Then it will be possible to make very beautiful and detailed previews for the lobby.
  13. Ты чё, унизить меня решил? Сравнил х с пальцем.. )) На моей карте один остров в 5 раз сложнее чем 2 такие карты вместе взятые..
  14. Red alert 2 map - - - O C E A N I A - - - For 2-2-2-2 or 4-4 naval battles. What can I say .. Guys, I'm just a mapping god ..)) An unprecedented and inaccessible map in the history of RA2. Vote for this map in topic : CnCNet Custom Maps - submit yours! to make it official. [8] oceania (cccp84).map Vertical proection:
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