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  1. Not all people see the game that I created. I have noticed this repeatedly. Sometimes I agree to play with a friend, and he tells me on the phone that he does not see my game. Sometimes other people write in a chat that the game I created is not visible in the lobby. However, some other people see the game and join it. There is some kind of problem. You need to think about it.
  2. if such a building is unique on the map, write it in the map file [your building] SpySat=yes
  3. Released v3.0 Made impossible to earn money by making and selling units in RA2 mode. Added new better-quality preview. At the request of the working class, made an additional version with a satellite and some improvements to some units.
  4. Thank you colleague! Nice to hear compliments )
  5. Its because of weak cpu. i have same problem. when there is more than 4000 online, my cpu is loaded on 100% and i cant press any button. Game becomes to lag too. I have to kill cncnet client process after game started to play normal. Cncnet client loads cpu too much. Something wrong in its code, i think. Maybe possible to make it better. Maybe need to make, that client will refresh list of games 1 time in 20 seconds. Now it refreshes every second. I think thats the problem. And it have to stop refreshing at all when game started. I think, the same is with players list.
  6. P.S. The wishes with the wall on the slope are taken into account. But it must be understood that the slopes located back to the observer have a bandwidth of 1 tile, and those located in the front to the observer have 2 tiles. This is the reason why I use the slopes of my own design. But here in the corners, because of the bunkers, I did not use my slopes and they have a bandwidth of 1 tile. Therefore, the slopes on top islands are wider.
  7. - - - BLACK SEA - - - Variety of map Treasure Island. Best for 2-2-2-2 games. This map is a little smaller than Tsunami. [8] Black Sea v1.5 (CCCP84).map 1.42 MB · 0 downloads The above pond is contested by the following sides: In the lower left corner there is a totalitarian mordor, the embodiment of universal evil and the bloody devourers of children - damned communists: In the neighborhood there are simple guys, lovers of bavarian(*i mean beer)) and sausages with stewed cabbage: Above right is a shining empire of kindness and justice, which carries the rays of democracy and love to the rest of the unenlightened world: In the topleft - Greenpeace: In the center of events - Crimea, which with by easy movement of the artist’s hand turns from a peninsula into an island ) Speсial thanks to McPwny
  8. Made all good ) v.1.5 added One more special thanks to McPwny )
  9. thanks! OccupyPip=(color) and Pip=(color) solved the problem. There is a link to the description of this bug: https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Pip_Distortion_Bug
  10. I ran into a problem. When changing any infantry parameter, the infantryman is not displayed correctly in the vehicle or building. When in the building instead of a miniature of a little man, a small square is displayed. In a helicopter, a spy is displayed on the contrary as a miniature of a man. These properties differ for the YR and RA2 modes(different colors and types). But everywhere is wrong. At the same time, for same unit, pips colors are different for different vehicles or buildings. Complete nonsense. Has anyone come across this? Is it solvable? The Pip=(color) parameter does not work.
  11. Made mod of Oceania. All soviets can make 2 Satan rocket launchers with a huge range and speed. Cost 3000 All players can make Antisatan Fighters (soviets can if have allied airfield). Fighter effective only against Satan rocket launcher. Range increased x4.2 compared to other planes. Cost 2000 Range of V3 launcher increased x2. Cost 1200 Patriot missle(building) range increased x1.65 All allies can build 2 French cannons(cost 3000, need lab)(France can make it as regular, cost 2000 no limits) The above parameters significantly change the game. -------------------------- Range of French cannon increased x1.4 Snipers range increased x1.8 Russian Tesla tank range increased x1.5 Germans Tank Destroyer range increased x1.6 Flak cannon(building) range increased x1.15 Kirov Airship armor increased x1.25 speed increased x1.4 These parameters slightly change the game due to the huge size of the map and can be undetected by players. ---------------------------------- I highly recommend playing this version in RA2 mode. You can test new weapons on the test map. (you need to select position 4) [8] Oceania v2.5AM (CCCP84).map TEST MAP oceania satan rocket (cccp84).map
  12. Thanks. Now i got it ) Later i will return IFV to its fire position )
  13. Did you play v.1.4? Now you have manually send sniper into IFV. I tryed. Doesnt work. Sniper doesnt sit into IFV. Thats why i changed some slopes. 2 of original slopes are 1 tile wide. But i didnt change this 2 slopes because of bunkers.
  14. I had to cancel the trigger, which constantly acted, turning the sniper into your property when exit the IFV (inside the IFV, it cannot turn into your property). this often caused an reconnection error. So, you have manually send it to IFV now. + made it impossible to earn money by building and selling infantry in a clonator (in RA2 mode). Added new map file.
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