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  1. Try this: Insignificant=yes sorry, didnt notise your post.. you already did it...
  2. Try "Owner=-1 RequiredHouses =-1" I dont know if it will work, but try...
  3. CCCP84

    Found a cheater

    Иди в чан.. We was playing on my map. Oceania. I definitely did not include in it the opportunity to sell other people's buildings and build pillboxes on other people's bases ...
  4. CCCP84

    Found a cheater

    What made you laugh, friend? Yesterday I met the same cheater again. Now under the nickname KG. Again, a characteristic feature was the specific growling-popping sounds from his base (the death of some unit (animal?) In the cloning vats? Perhaps due to the mechanism of obtaining money?) This time, in addition to endless money and the simultaneous construction of Soviet and Alliance units, he distinguished by building pillboxes on other players bases, and when all the players united against him, he simply started selling buildings of other players. Then he left the game by disconnecting and the game gave an error. Among other things, his dreadnoughts were different from ordinary ones. They had a non-standard white nose. This becomes a problem ... If the method of this cheat becomes widely known, it will kill the game on CNCnet.
  5. Yesterday we played on a Black SEA map, a player, under the nickname IBM, was discovered, who undoubtedly used cheats. He had endless money and could build Soviet buildings by playing with an alliance. Nevertheless, he began to lose and there was a reconnection error. He probably arranged it on purpose. Until yesterday, I was convinced that cheats are impossible on CNCNet and lead to an error, because for several years of playing on CNCnet, I have never encountered such a thing. However, yesterday I was convinced of the opposite. An interesting feature was that from this player's territory, which was covered by a gap generator, strange popping sounds emanated in the first half of the game, which I had not heard in Red Alert before. Maybe this will be the key to understanding the mechanism of this cheat? How is this possible? And can you do anything to exclude the possibility of using such cheats?
  6. I am wondering that a reconnection error can occur when many destroyer ships are in combat. Maybe we can fix this problem? In any case, watch such situations to have some statictics.
  7. Released ver 1.8 Solved problem with reconnection error bacause of gap generator in corner. Made wider slopes on bottom islands.
  8. Added new map files. Eliminated the reason for the reconnection error.
  9. Thank. But we just tested this with my friend. I found a solution for my maps. I added 4 tiles of grass on each side of my map beyond the boundaries of visibility and this solved the problem. Now I have to improve my maps, on which the generator can be placed close to the edge. But for all other maps, this is still an urgent problem.
  10. I made a very significant discovery. If you build a gap generator in the upper left corner, and then sell or destroy it, or turn off the energy, this causes an error. Provided that any other player has a satellite. This is true for any map. Other edges of the map are also at risk. At least I was getting an error in a specific area at the bottom left. But there the effect was unstable. More research is needed to clarify the problem areas. At the top left, the effect is stable! Friends, this bug spoiled a lot of games, we need to give up all efforts to solve it.
  11. Key-word is launcher Fighter looks like carriers hornet
  12. Updated all versions of oceania. Fixed various mistakes. Added map files to the header.
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