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  1. Kickyou73

    CNC Busy

    We used to play 2 - 4 player maps now it seems the maps are 6 - 8 player maps. It's become more like StarCraft 2 where players have bases all over the map and games take much longer.
  2. Kickyou73

    CNC Busy

    Yeah not a fan of most of the maps in qm as they are just too big to have a "quick match" on! I will give the custom games a try as the xwis map pool was much better.
  3. Kickyou73

    CNC Busy

    Hey Ray, yes just found this site and the ladder this month. A bit rusty but I am getting better :) as you say it's busy and you can get games pretty quickly much like xwis 10 years ago. Hope your well mate and maybe see you on the ladder.
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