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  1. Brutes vs mirages brutes win easier if you have say one miner. Brutes vs prisms its not so easy for Yuri. but early brutes, chaos, mags and gats are awesome.
  2. Reano

    CNC Busy

    It allows allied to get more of advantage in late game and use chrono but if some maps you dont like select reject in QM map client and you wont get them in your QM games. I think you can reject up to 8
  3. Reano

    CNC Busy

    Best maps are ffa with multiplayer. Like these Sedona 6 player FFA, hexbay 8 player 2v2v2v2 mad map and great fun. Tour of Egypt 3 v s 3 without the rules, Bay of pigs 3 vs 3, Heck FFA or in team mode, Artic Circle 4 vs 4, Territoral Imperative 4v4 and thats just of head.
  4. Reano

    CNC Busy

    nVidia Quadro K600 Custom maps very good also e.g. play online. Loads of people on all the time.
  5. Reano

    CNC Busy

    Wow lets hope it keeps spreading as lots of people playing even see my old English friend Kickyou back unless someone impersonating him. I'm 50 years old lol....
  6. Reano

    CNC Busy

    Ive noticed that CNC is now quite busy in the QM and also custom maps why is this? Covid-19 got people playing or something else? Either way its very welcome.
  7. "Brutes are support units for masterminds, gats and mags. You usually just use the genetic mutator to make them and basically can use them as a meat shield for the rest of your army that can't be ignored because the brutes themselves do a lot of damage if you don't kill them right away. @XGalaxyZ Yup or even better send two miners in front followed by brutes and every thing else behind. I have even managed to sneak in chaos drones which are devastating if they get in. But mass brutes behind miners with mags and gats and you will be happy vs mass mirages.
  8. I have been given a warning for "Do not insult or otherwise attempt to incite negative reactions." Im very sorry for any incitement I have caused. I dont believe any of my posts were intended to be like that. I was constructive and balanced in my response but no worries.
  9. It would be a start. Also a daily or monthly limit ( of points that count) against each nick is another start. I know people can make more but again it’s adding more layers.
  10. How could we get auto ss back? Is it possible. This my friend would be a good start to a solution against anti pushing.
  11. Been seeing a lot of those conscript spamming, engi, ifv, drone attacks recently with Chinese writing chat. Are these impersonators or real uplift in Chinese players? Not complaining but just asking.
  12. Omg here we go again, Engi eating, etc part of the game wow. I get engi eaten all the time. Adapt. A lot of these are or appear to be Chinese who constantly spam engi, ifv, drones. Next they’ll be a ‘special’ patch to slow drones down... the idea of showing names is good but needs to ensure that if someone bails on seeing the name it counts as a loss so that’s ok. So if possible can name be shown only when game started?
  13. Nothing said here has convinced me it’s just not an attempt to try to beat people like Andy, etc it’s so obvious it’s laughable but no worries. Hardly any using it in games. i do agree however that if people appear to be pushing, this should be looked at more. There should be more policing on pushing, disconnect/bails and similar. I’ve posted loads and only on some occasions get redress. i could as I have in the past commercially sponsor some of these improvements but there would have to be serious unbiased, yuri crying admins. Chat to me privately with some serious proposals that I can test and let’s see if my money is where my mouth is for serious improvement. Or continue to run these half baked solutions.
  14. Most of the items basically reverse what the developers 'intended' Cons... 1) initiates garrisoned - so now make the iniates have no strengths compared to other troops (e.g. cost vs bunker), etc 2) reduce grind value also another designed capability being reduced cause 'maybe' people on here too scared of peoples Yuri like Andy's 3) The Slave Miner is supposed to be a building and a vehicle now you reduce the strength and increase the cost of it further reducing Yuri eco, as I write Im laughing at the obvious reason this is intended for thank god its not part of how the game was designed by professional game developers and software programmers 4) Reduce, reduce, reduce gattling Cannon one of Yuri's primary tactic with mag against allied or Sov 5) Overload of MM completely different to how game designer intended overload over 2 LOL ...... 6) Most of the increases are tokenism to maybe counter by saying "oh look we decrease brute cost" In general its easy to see its just a "we dont like Yuri so lets reduce all its stength to what the designer didnt intend cause ppl like Andy, etc bash me (just saying how it seems, I have no beef with anyone..) Pro's It's optional. Might as well just make it MetaYuri, ShadowYuri or some other game. Luckily most games I play people dont select it even in random starts or I can just host the games so in that sense its OK. I couldnt be bothered to talk about tower, mag, etc as my previous comments make it obvious what I would say By a long time sponsor of this game 🙂
  15. it will soon be 'not' Yuri's revenge
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