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  1. First off, I love this mod! But I have to ask: Is there a troubleshooting forum on this mod? If so, where is it? I'm getting confused with warzone and tiberium war. I've ran into an issue on the hammerfest mission of GDI, where the hovers only load the bottom halve of the vehicle. The rocketlaunchers on it do not appear. Also, when I try to drive the APC into the water, the mod crashes. I could really use some help on this.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to this, but I wanted to make some slight changed to the veterancy settings in the rules.ini and firestorm.ini. I was using the guide from this website: http://tiberian.iwarp.com/editingguidetots.htm to get me started. There are a few things I don't understand. There are VeteranAbilities and EliteAbilities, as well as a bundge of multipliers for veterancy bonuses (veteran factors). I figured out that to make the veteran factors work, they need to be in correspondence with the VeteranAbility or EliteAbility it corresponds with (e.g. "VeteranCombat" factor corresponds with the "FIREPOWER" VeteranAbility that is to be added in the unit characteristics under VeteranAbility or EliteAbility (if I'm off somewhere, please correct me). What I want to achieve is a veterancy bonus for FIREPOWER for example when the unit gains veterancy and I would like to give it another bonus when it turns elite. The sample below is how I tried to achieve that with the Hover MRLS: --- Name=Hover MLRS Category=AFV TargetLaser=yes FireAngle=32 Prerequisite=GAWEAP,GARADR Primary=HoverMissile TooBigToFitUnderBridge=true Strength=230 Armor=wood TechLevel=7 CrateGoodie=yes Sight=7 Speed=7 Owner=GDI Cost=900 Turret=yes Points=30 ROT=5 Crusher=no Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 VoiceSelect=25-I000,25-I002,25-I004,25-I006 VoiceMove=25-I012,25-I014,25-I016,25-I018,25-I022 VoiceAttack=25-I014,25-I022,25-I024,25-I026 VoiceFeedback= MaxDebris=4 SpeedType=Hover Locomotor={4A582742-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} MovementZone=AmphibiousDestroyer ThreatPosed=25 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys VeteranAbilities=FASTER,STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF,SIGHT EliteAbilities=SELF_HEAL,FASTER,STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF,SIGHT --- When I test this, I found it only get's the bonus on first veterancy, but not a second time when going to Elite (even though that is what I put in the rules.ini). Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and how should I achieve this? It is simply meant to make the whole deal of gaining veterancy and elite status more gratifying. Thanks!
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