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  1. where do i get the newer version if the download button isnt there for the newer version
  2. I need some map ideas because I'm stumped right now. But I'm not into making maps with cliffs because that's to hard for me and I'm trying to get some inspiration by looking at the other maps i have downloaded. If you guys could tell by looking at my maps I already posted then you guys would know what i mean. So please i need help so i can try to get my friends and family to watch the video by no other then @YosefAnan. He is the man and he edits parts for me and i send them to him through Facebook and he does a video on it so I appreciate him for what he has done for me. Keep up the great work man. I love you.
  3. @cypher i really love your maps
  4. Merry Christmas everyone
  5. ya that would be so cool if you could do that
  6. Go here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iYPKFe6LGuTsA5ndK-9WWLnSeH7ZTbxk/view and its called Walled World Final 3 but you have to download the whole map bundle
  7. Good Luck Guys!!! kyle's survival map.yrm kyle's naval war.yrm
  8. squirekyle123


    i had lots of modes but now im down to three and i dont know how to get them back and all of a sudden they went to just normal Red Alert 2. So can anyone please help me. please and thank you
  9. Do you know the link i can download it from
  10. My Very First Map Ever kyle's 8 player oil in centre.yrm
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