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    Ra2/Yuri on linux

    Sorry I just noticed that this wasn't posted in support. Won't happen again
  2. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well during this time. I have a slight problem and am looking for help troubleshooting this issue. I am currently running Yuri's Revenge on Linux Mint 20.0 and I am running the game on 1920 x1080 using the TS-DDraw (GL) renderer. The gameplay is flawless however I am noticing that when a match is over the endgame menu hangs. It lags very badly there and the only way to exit is to click continue and then alt+ tab and to make it close. It doesn't exit normally otherwise and was wondering if anyone could help. Also I noticed that at 1440 x 900 resolutions and lower this problem does not exist. Any help on this issue would be appreciated. 2021-03-01 08-17-29.mp4
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