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  1. Hi! I have red alert 2 yuri's revenge, I play it using CnC. I downloaded a mod and then I applied the changed using TibED. The mod work when I only run RedAlert2 game, but it doesn't work when I lunch it via the clinet, how do i fix it? Thanks
  2. IT WORKED!! but the problem is it only work when I run the ra2 game and not when I run via c&c
  3. I have installed it now. What do I do next?
  4. @Nyerguds I found a mod and I put in the red alert 2 folder but still not working! how do I dig into modding? any good sources? Thanks for helping I found this https://www.moddb.com/mods/ra2-supreme/downloads/sra22
  5. Hi friends! I want two things, first I want to have Mayan Pyramid when I play against AI? What mode is it in? and where do I download it please? second, how do I get all allied and soviet units at the same time when playing against AI? Greetings
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