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  1. tiberuim nothing spicy blue version.mpr So i created this map with finalsun i think it was. i just have trouble starting or letting the game pick it up for me to play it. Is there something im missing? is there something else i also need to do in order for it work?
  2. i have tried to change the category but its still the same can't get it to work. just a black square where the thumbnail should be and it doesn't get selected when i click on it. i did see that it was a .mpr file. i dont know if that helps but kinda new to the map creation game for TS
  3. and when you click on it nothing happens, it doesn't get selected
  4. How do you play on a map you created? i used the cncnet launcher to try and play it but all i get is a black square and can't click on it to select the map to play on it.
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