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  1. gben01

    8.3 Update failed

    Hi there, trying to update web client to 8.3 of Yuri Revenge... but bitdefender (antivirus) program says a there is a virus in one of the files and I cannot proceed. "Traffic Scan has detected a threat. Access to a webpage has been denied. downloads.cncnet.org/updates/yr/Resources/clientdx.exe contains malware of type Gen:Variant.Johnnie.365292" Can you double check files on your side and/or help me update the game another way? Ben
  2. just confirming that overnight all emails came through and I was able to complete my registration.
  3. Hi there, I am also having trouble getting emails. When I try to create an account to quickplay, the onscreen message shows email sent but nothing actually appears in my gmail inbox or spam folder. I tried an alternate email (hotmail) and had the same problem, nothing seems to go through to my webmail or desktop client. What can I do?
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