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  1. Hello, I'd like to report a bug that maybe others know about. Me and several others are noticing an issues where: after setting up two opposing Teams (e.g., A vs B) in the game setup screen, as soon as the game begins, some subset of players will instantly hear "alliance formed" and discover that they can see opponents map discovery, as though they are on a team. (When working properly, we will not hear "alliance formed", and the Teams will work as expected.) We then cannot declare war on the player. We must abort the game and try again. What I've found so far: Inconsistent. Sometimes this will happen, other times we will not. The problem doesn't consistently happen to any player. Sometimes just me, other times just my friend, other times both, and other times neither. After experiencing the issue, having a different person setup the exact same game may avoid the issue. We don't know if this happens when battling other human players (we only play against AI). It may be that it only occurs on [Val.Bal.2.49] maps, but not always, and we are not certain of this. If anyone knows how to avoid this issue, I'd be grateful to hear of a solution. Thanks,
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