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  1. So, I remember having a bunch of cursors that were on the CD for Counterstrike. I used to constantly change my cursors as a kid. As I no longer have an Optical Drive so I can't actually access the CD, I decided to try using ISO files and virtual drives to get hold of them, but they don't seem to actually be on the ones I have found? I have downloaded a bunch of "Red Alert" cursors, most of which just contain the RA3 cursors that were on the RA3 Disc when it was released anyway. In particular I am trying to find the animated ant cursor, but I'd like to find all of them for a personal nostalgic journey. If anyone has any idea where I can find them it would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure there were sound files also which I cannot find. It cracked me up every time I shut down my PC hearing; "Battle control, terminated" hehehe.
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