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  1. Ok this is getting very weird lol , I tried to play the "fixed" version and now as soon as I blow up the sphere I get the base under my control and thought that FINALLY it works BUT after a second the game crashes and I get IE... I guess we made a small progress? 🤣 I really wonder what makes the mission work for some while it crashes for others 🧐
  2. Hey, after reading what u wrote I decided to try it out myself and move the screen to the opp side as tanya is about to blow up the chronosphere but nope it still crashes, I also tried to move to other directions and not just only the opp side but nothing... I guess something is reaaaaaaly wrong with my RA2 X_X(Im' using TFD btw)
  3. Well its very wierd indeed that the game crashes at that same point when I destroy the chronosphere.... I tried playing both through the bottom path and both through the upper path thinking that maybe I didn't activate some hidden triggers that might have caused somehow for this crash to happen, dunno coz I don't really understand much in mapping/modding. The chronosphere itself btw looks kinda buggy too with some sort of strange colorful pixels on it. Thanks again for checking what the problem might be, meanwhile ill keep playing your other fun missions 😎
  4. I see you have a lot of missions u made and as a veteran RA2 player I decided to play some fan made RA2 missions lately, I downloaded so far "Signed and Sealed" and "Soviet Stranglehold" , played both and enjoyed them very much, now I tried "Temporal Exposure" but this missions is seriously bugged, everytime I destroy the chronosphere with Tanya the game crashes and I get IE 😥 Im running btw TFD version of RA2 so its not outdated or anything like the vanilla cd installation
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