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  1. it's really a hard level (my childhood nightmare),i can't done it without bug. first forget about the mission. we must have tank! when i have 5 tes tank quick finish enemy miner then, go into enemy base destroy their hq(disable their Airstrike.) then that will be easy.
  2. thank you, your mission is really popular in china market in 2004. my first birthday gift in china mainland is the cd of all your missions(about $1). that spend best of my life. but i have to say, i played 100+hours but it's really hard for a kid. and my company in 2004 is really slow.(256mb)
  3. Wrath Tanks i see is pink. all we need is spy..... Wrath Tanks i see is pink. all we need is spy.....
  4. i have play all your mission in my office time recently. it really good to know that you make new missions recently. i have play about 100+ hours your mission in my childhood(it's really hard for a 15 old boy).
  5. i don't send the pic because there is a bug. my hawk can use iron curtain to go to the enemy base then i can do what i want to do!
  6. Your crashes look like they're caused by mismatched file versions. I suggest grabbing the latest CnCNet YR installer from http://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge and re-installing the client with it.
  7. nuclear house really impressive. the light quest i didn't got the point.but still it's really good , but i think tanya should be able reborn, not start again is more friendly to play.
  8. it's really easy to play , i think you should change enemy color to blue
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