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  1. 8 GB. It's really odd that some people show 'custom' section on their list of map groups but I just don't have it.
  2. Yes, Guns of Navarone by Ejah.map. It didn't end in map but I changed it into one. I want to play the Final Four II as well.
  3. Please, hasn't this occurred to anyone else here?
  4. Hi, I downloaded the cncnet software a few days ago. While installing, 'out of system resources' warning popped up but still the installation went on. I can play the game and all that. However, there seems to be a problem that stems from that very same issue. As such, I can't add new maps to the CUSTOM folder. Well, obviously, I can but the game will show none of them. It doesn't even show 'Standard' or 'Custom' section in the game. Please help. Thanks:)
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