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  1. Update your client to the latest version.
  2. I made a poll and here are the results Not many people are voting, but at least this proves that most people don't want pictures, It is now 4 - 8, 4 want pictures and 8 don't want pictures.
  3. Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge online\Maps\Custom you put custom maps in Custom folder
  4. CCCP84 Your version has ccd files and img files......I don't know how to install those. I am sorry
  5. EDIT: Ok i will test your version. EDIT: Give me 3 hours, sorry my internet is not so strong.
  6. Not that vanilla that is used for cooking, He means normal RA2 and YR, not modified. Original. me too in the past didn't understand what they meant when they were saying "Vanilla", until I asked someone about it, he said that it means original, not modified.
  7. ­­Do you want allied theme with pictures on it? or not?
  8. I don't like the Allied theme because of the dog and and tanya pictures, i think they should be removed, because not everyone wants them and not everyone wants pictures. probably most people agree with me about that. Add yuri theme too -with no pictures- please.
  9. Funny McPwny.....you made like i was talking about MISSING mod.
  10. hmm, did you try options.ini which is in Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data
  11. What is in my mind is not MISSING mod, .......What is in my mind , how there are more players in the older command and conquer games? I mean if we go back we find more players but if we go to the latest command and conquer games we find less players, although the 3D command and conquer games look better and more advanced......I don't understand how people love 2D more than 3D.....how???? I mean look, currently there are 500 players online in yuri's revenge cncnet, Do I understand that we don't need more command and conquer games? I mean we go back to 90s? we get new 2D command and conquer games? Will EA gain more money from 2D games more than 3D games that look better and advanced? Probably people hate command and conquer Rivals surely because it is mobile game, but probably the main reason is because it is 3D, maybe EA should turn Rivals to 2D, probably they will gain money like gold from Rivals if it is 2D. Yeah probably EA doesn't need any effort to make 3D games they just make 2D games and this costs them less time and less money probably it is better for them so they can gain more money....and probably it is better for the players that EA go back to make 2D command and conquer games...... And probably there will be no 3D command and conquer games remaster, Yeah, why would they do that? They will probably gain few money, and probably they should remove all the 3D command and conquer games from steam and origin...delete them completely from the history, maybe it is good for EA that they cancelled Generals 2, yeah, think about it, as you can see most of the community love 2D command and conquer games....that is something that can't be understandable...but ok no problem if the community wants that ....then no problem at all lets go back to 90s.
  12. Hmm yes indeed, you are right. Ok forget all what I said and keep the patch too if you want. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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