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  1. Hmm yes indeed, you are right. Ok forget all what I said and keep the patch too if you want. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. A1: I don't care about [stronger or not stronger] all I know that the game was made like that so leave it as it was. The only change I want in the game is new colors because they are simple change. If you want to make patch then insert the patch into a map but don't insert it into the game then making it option! Keep the original things as they were but the modded things keep them in maps. A2: I complain about an optional setting that is originally not part of the game but Super weapon option is part of the game and you know that.
  3. How is yuri Overpower and the patch reduces lots of things in yuri army? That is delusion.
  4. No I think you are the pretty new here. welcome to yuri's revenge. Here in yuri's revenge game kicking people who use yuri is not fair!!!!!!! it is part of the game!!!!! yuri doesn't even have lots of units. Remember the name of the game.
  5. Sneaky yuri primes? What does that mean? O you mean invisible yuri clone/prime? Hmmm maybe this is good? but it will be hard to kill.
  6. They kick you for using yuri? that is not fair because it is part of the game even the game name is [Yuri's Revenge] everyone has the right to use yuri but not everyone has the right to make it weak!!!!!!
  7. Guys the game should be with its original options only why adding an option from the community itself? This option should be removed.
  8. Optional or not optional it is originally not part of game and you all know that ......... and when I play in other people's games most of them will choose that option. But most of the patch are negative things in yuri army.
  9. Hi I completely refuse the new option because [ORIGINALLY] it is not part of the game and it is from [THE COMMUNITY] and I realized that most of it is against yuri army , it reduces lots of things! and it increases things to make yuri weaker like [Psychic Tower's power requirement from 100 to 150] and like [Increased charge time of Genetic Mutator super-weapon by 1 minute]. Yuri doesn't even have lots of units like soviets and the allied so this patch is not needed, There is no fun for yuri in that option. it is enough that there is Red Alert 2 option. Please leave the game as it was.
  10. Why do you keep my posts which are about the multiplayer dialog settings hidden? Please at least explain to me on a private message why you didn't add them all.
  11. What about those multiplayer Dialog settings? They are part of the game, Why not adding them? ShadowGrow,TiberiumGrows,FogOfWar,Shroud,HarvesterTruce,Bases,CaptureTheFlag,TechLevel,AIDifficulty,MoneyIncrement Please add them, the game should be as it was.
  12. NO PLEASE DON'T ADD THAT! Leave the game as it was. Those are the original Multiplayer Dialog settings for yuri's revenge And I realized that you didn't add them all -Why?- Like ShadowGrow,TiberiumGrows,FogOfWar,Shroud,HarvesterTruce,Bases,CaptureTheFlag,TechLevel,AIDifficulty,MoneyIncrement Please add those settings to the game again, because they are originally part of yuri's revenge. [MultiplayerDialogSettings] MinMoney=5000 Money=10000 MaxMoney=10000 MoneyIncrement=100 MinUnitCount=0 UnitCount=10 MaxUnitCount=10 TechLevel=10 GameSpeed=1 AIDifficulty=0 AIPlayers=0 BridgeDestruction=yes ShadowGrow=no Shroud=yes Bases=yes TiberiumGrows=yes Crates=yes CaptureTheFlag=no HarvesterTruce=no MultiEngineer=no AlliesAllowed=no ShortGame=yes FogOfWar=no MCVRedeploys=yes AllyChangeAllowed=yes Thank You.
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