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  1. Is there a way to make your forces automatically attack on white/neutral forces, as if they are AI enemies ?
  2. A very enjoyable and challenging mission once again. I can say it is a far harder version of 'Engineered to Kill'. GGi BFs' proves why they are the most powerful unit one more time! Rocketeers(for fast base defence) and legionairres(for sneak enemy power cut-offs) are vital as well. Spying enemy barracks is also preferrable for veteran paradrops. But if only that giant ants were a special unit for soviets, as they destroy the enemy base by themselves. Facing soviets head to head would make it more harder in my opinion.
  3. Using psi corps troopers(yuri clones) at the beginning is vital for the defence of initial enemy assault.
  4. A great collection of high quality maps indeed. Creative types of missions, fascinating visual/sound effects and a great variety of tasks. Having played and accomplished all of them with different tactics each time, especiallly I would pick "Fierce Intent" and "End of An Era" for the most amazing ones. And for the most difficult one, I have to go with "Nuclear Winter."
  5. Was interesting to accomplish the mission by weather storming the last robot command center at the north
  6. I have solved that 'lagging/crash issue' by moving the screen to opposite corner of the map, at the instant Tanya has been ordered to destroy the sphere.
  7. Alright, I have sent the scientists with the copter and managed to keep the mission go on. After that, a mcv and a few tanks&soldier arrived from southwest. I have achieved to evacuate the scientists by using waypoint mod, moving them at 5 different points at the landing zone sequently. And after their 'wandering around' has ended, they automatically got onto the helicopter. By the way, the mission has already been ended as I already own a strong combination of allied&soviet bases as the reinforcements arrived, and no enemy occupations around. :D
  8. Waiting for your "Siege" mission map excitedly as well, please...
  9. And I have managed to complete this one as well. A very interesting type of mission. By the way, I hate that cows... 😬
  10. I had downloaded .iso from a link long ago but I couldn't remember the exact website. I own a virtual disc cracked version. 1.001 update and TX already been installed.
  11. If we are to talk about RA1, I think Tanya's auto-attack especially on dogs should be enabled, as it is really hard to target them manually. It is so disturbing slowing the game all the time when a couple of dogs rush on Tanya.
  12. Alright, I have copied a random ra2md.csf file and finally managed it to work. There is no written transmissions but that will be no problem I guess. At least I know what to do. Let's see what we can do in that mission...
  13. Indeed I have applied my own tactic. First I have completed it at easy level, and besides at brutal level, already knowing what to do.
  14. Alright, have finally done it. That arrow section is also pretty challenging. Is nearly impossible to complete without save&load; considering fire crates, random curtains and that sudden radiation region. One of very few missions ever that has baffled me a lot! Love the visual effects as well.
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