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  1. Yea the bottom line is these guys abuse power, they are abusive like illegal level abusive some very evil threats, the upper staff let them still have power and sway. Perhaps because they let them because they stayed novice/mediocre the longest? Or perhaps because they made some good maps over teh years? This mod is horrific resolutions that neither the pros or the noobs use, unbalanced changed identity of the game, glitch units like visceroids, random unpopular preferences in what the changes are, no one plays it bar confused noobs. Why are the upper staff allowing known corrupt mods rule the forum like they used to rule the lobby ina corrupt way, why do they let them and let them abuse people, why do they let the oldest players that are not even good at the game decide whats best for balance and a mod, when everything tehy make is unpopular not liked by the community, why when they dont even take part in the community due to fear of loss and humiliation due to a narcissistic personality's that cant handle teh truth that they are try hard average joes or worse , why are they letting those guys have all the say? WHY THEY ARE LIKE SICK 40-50 PLUS YEAR OLD "CHILDREN'S GAME MAP MAKERS" THAT CANT PLAY THE GAME THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH AND SCRUTINISE, LACKING DECENT EDUCATION LEVELS, AND JOB PROSPECTS, WHY ARE THEY IN CHARGE? Upper staff WHY? FUNKY WHY LET THESE GUYS DECIDE? why do you let corruption happen with the mods and their weird low ranking incompetent friends? THE UPPER STAFF THINK ITS OK TO NOT LET THE HIGHER RANKS AND TEH REAL COMMUNITY YOU GUYS HAVE THE CHOICE, THEY THINK ITS OK TO LET SOME OLDER GUYS THAT ABUSE OTHERS THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS WITH COUNTER EVIDENCE, AND HAVE A LOWER RANK/ABILITY THEY LET THOSE GUYS HAVE THE CHOICE OVER YOU!!!, THATS WHAT THE UPPER STAFF ARE SAYING TO WHOLE OF THE TD COMMUNITY! THEY ARE SAYING THESE GUYS ARE YOUR BOSS YOUR LEADERS THEY A RE BETTER TAHN YOU AND THEY KNOW BEST, THEY SHOULD FORCE WHAT THEY WANT ONTO YOU/US, WHEN YOU ANNIHILATE THEM AND EMBARRASS THEM OUT OF PLAYING THE GAME , WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PREFERENCES THAT ARE NOT LESS THAN SOME OLDER AVERAGE JOE TRY HARD WEIRD OLDER GUYS PREFERENCES !
  2. I think the point he was trying to make is it becomes like remasters when you try to make it modern, where its buggies and bikes every game no matter what. Its hideously repetitive in remasters now they've made it "modern" ie the games so old when you try to make it modern that repetitiveness happens. Its horrible. If you do something a little better than what EA did, it becomes a completely different mod because little changes make a big difference in competitive games, so it doesn't take much to change the identity of a game, it basically becomes someone else mod. People like their own ideas for a mod but few like someone elses ideas so no one will ever agree on how it should be. So no one will ever play it. So as you see with this mod no one plays it except the occasional new person who puts the money up and presses all the buttons to green. Also people have mastered and put tons of hours into mastering the real game as it is so the pros dont want to go back to being in-experienced again after earning hard their rank as they are. Also they dont want to get excellent at a mod that isnt even the real game because now they are not even improving at the real game. Now they are just good at an unknown mod made by some random novice mod makers. The mod has been a failure no one plays I think its time for removal or its time to hand it over to someone else the best active players right now are Kipp and Lenovo , perhaps you could hand the reigns over to those two, or to people that are active in the game and are the best at the game? Why are people that are novice at the game or not involved in the community in charge of other peoples preferences? Is that what the staff at the top of cnc.net want for us the community the players? I personally agree with the thread starter everyone hates the weak GDI factory why not have a tick box for a GDI factory as strong as construction yard and leave it like that? If anyone would agree on something that might be the only thing that gets a consensus. Btw they have no idea how to balance a game its not balanced at all. It just comes down to them doing what they fancy for a mod and thats not on, the people playing the game should be designing what they fancy instead. The people playing every day the best players. Community Its not a community patch when we are voting on changes you decide to put up for a vote, when the community isnt even on this forum for the most part isn't them designing a mod Balance Its not a balance patch if its not balancing the game. This mod its a good idea but again people have different tastes different preferences and your preferences are not theirs and vice versa. So its just a kick in the face to all the active players that are not designing the mod who perhaps should be designing the mod. If we like your stuff we will play it, but if the staff allow you to insist your preferences on us and we STILL dont play it, we still dont use the maps or mods, dont you think its time to hand over the reigns to someone else? People that earnt their position their rank the top 3 active players perhaps? The best most competent players ? Please can we get some people we respect in charge? In any kind of business or professional setting you know they dont tell the mediocre salesman to teach everyone else and create the sales pitches they ask the best sales men to help out. They dont ask the middle of the class student that tries real hard at university, to give a lecture to the rest of the students you know, they ask the talented student! Please put the best in charge. Lets make something competent or make nothing at all
  3. How many war factories before you go to a repair bay? If you are going for tesla spam How many war factors before a repair bay if you are tanking? I know there's alot of plasticity about it reaction to the opponents etc but also I noticed the pros do it more one way than another and there seems to be a set pattern its not totally free and dynamic Any help on OPTIMAL builds would be good
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