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  1. Nyer the Dune 2000 download link doesn't work, not for me anyway but all the other game downloads do so maybe its an issue your side of things . Also in the lobby I can no longer separate names into games or friends. Regards
  2. No you were upset when noobs smashed you over and over again, and we were all going easy on you making allowances for you, trying not to let you know what we really thought to spare your feelings , and now you try to play teacher to me, it doesn't add up does it? Even you have to see some kind of problem with that disparity. The smarter guys here DONT have THAT problem. (you've got alot of that wrong above, btw)
  4. Also X3M you are talking down to people last time we played together all the noobs you think you are higher than beat you with ease and you stressed out, over it, crying, you are not high up, you are low down, and do creepy errands for other people, its weird its not even male behaviour or female its worm like, so drop this high status behaviour its weird your are talking down to people wayyy above you. Know the correct pecking order. We talk down to you and humbly go easy on you not mentioning how lousy you are , thats the truth, not you talking down to us, the most basically competent average to low average players are above YOU. I havnt seen this much unjustified false pride since Matt Attack who ducked the noobs by leaving his favourite game, to avoid people seeing they whip him, while pretending to have kids that dont exist. Then he calls us retards in his signature Can you not see the low character traits in this hive mind block of people its ridiculous, they are the smallest most ego bound negative weak low moral people, Dunning Kruger: I know all of you were not even the smartest kids at your school, now a school is a low number of people, and you were not even one there, now think of how may schools their are in your country, and now across Europe, Asia etc, thats how LOW and AVERAGE you guys are, please GET REAL. You are normal average Joes with low courage low achievement, and weak immoral characters. You dont have some brilliant genetic ability thats the delusional self belief we all have that only some can see past. Let me guess you will report me with multiple hive mind accounts and mod friends, and go pretend you are superior and in control again because you were able to "ban" me?. (Most of you are old and still doing this weird wormy childish pathetic behaviour)
  5. I said the smarter better players should be in charge too, KIPP and PHD should have their control over how this looks. They have a similar level of insight/ability as Lovehandles. Also they are Nod players and have different tastes and perspectives. So it would be more healthy for everyone if theirs more variety in preference. The lower ranking players also play this game, I feel their contribution would be worth as much or more than yours whites ferrets and so on because they are as competent or rather a big portion are more competent, they are varied in wants its not all the same thing, and they play more than you guys do they are active members of cnc.net . They might not be able to have the same insight as the top players but they are the community and perhaps they should have more say than a mere poll that they didnt even vote on/choose for categories. I suppose you think they dont count either? Also why are you guys buffing the stealth tank and not the flame tank, the stealth tank gets plenty of use, compared to the flame tank, its the flame tank that needs a buff, its the flame tank that is used as little as the MRLS and yet nothing has been buffed, its not even on the vote poll, no one is interested in the nod faction because its mostly GDI players doing this and players with a hive mind perspective, we need variety, we need nod players we need other smart minds in addition to Lovehandles who basically taught you guys GDI, and how to play, which may be why you have a very samey perspective, we need individuals with their own ideas that lead themselves. Also how are bikes meant to counter meds when they have the MRLS with a health increase earlier? This seems seriously unbalanced. No buff for the light tank suggested, but humvee buff is recommended, this is a joke. Its also open to very random choices in preference, you could buff this not that and so on there are many ways you can do it, so in short they should be OUR choices not YOUR CHOICES Also why is it called balance patch in the options its confusing noobs, call it what it is so its not open to be mistakenly used (which is what you want) its not a balance patch its clearly a MOD, and its not a community mod its YOUR MOD
  6. Well is Claustrophobia the map really made by Lovehandles? A guy that doesn't make maps, suddenly produces a map that looks just like White made it, in his style, nearly exactly the same , then we are told Lovehandles made it (and white isnt mentioned) in order to get people to try it, cmon we are not stupid, your manipulations are very weak, you cant start using Lovehandles name to get Whites work forced on on us. Which is what you are attempting to do. Regardless of the above paragraph which will obviously be disputed and spun (smart people will know the truth) as elite as Lovehandles is and he truly earned that, he is not the ONLY player here, he is not deciding for everyone, PHD Kipp and Pence are also part of the elite and they should have control too. Unless you guys still think ONLY Lovehandles exclusively as you are claiming, should control whats good for everyone,!? People like Kipp PHD Pence are not worthy of control /decision making? Again its obvious you guys want and think that. You will begrudgingly and manipulatively, try to avoid giving that control away. Watch...
  7. It should be made by the superior players, ie Lovehandles PHD, KIPP, Mike Pence, (not just Lovehandles but not excluding him either) are you saying they are not worthy of significant input or control over this? Is that what you guys think? Because your actions seem to indicate that.
  8. This mod should be a mod made by Lovehandles, PHD, Kipp, Mike Pence, RC, and other continuously active high ranking players, with VARYING OPINIONS on whats good and bad, and what they like and dislike. It cant just be 3 guys making their own mod and only appearing to get input form the community because no one is choosing the unit layout and changes, they are, they are confined by the poll thank goodness but ultimately they are making it and it should be made by the superior players. Ask KIPP what he would really like to see, then you have to put that in, maybe he wants a stronger Chinook or longer ranged artillery Ask PHD what hed really like to see you have to put that in, maybe he wants stronger Humvee's Ask PENCE a nod player, about the flame tank I think he wants it buffed Then you have to let them in on the overall design they get to decide too! Then it can be a success because its a good idea, but until its for everyone its a fail, its an immoral attempt to force 3 players will on everyone and its DUMB because it can never succeed unless OTHER PEOPLE like it , because it DEPENDS ON THEM to get PLAYED.
  9. There's no one playing the mod so I wont be doing that. Its confusing noobs though, they sometimes put it on thinking its a balance patch when its a mod. I dont respect them they are low ranking players, here and in the remasters with content no body wants but they keep trying to force it on us, its not an option its gradual constant forcing of their unpopular stuff on everyone, and they are doing it in a creepy sneaky way. (the name of this as the community balance patch is an example of that creepy sneaky attempt to say "its just optional" or " we meant balance in a different way", but it misleads people but they will keep that misleading name anyway, if you are too simple you wont see the manipulation going on to get it played more ) Its not balanced and it never will be because too many changes have been made, its too complex to balance for any non game designer Also its not a community patch anyway its 3 peoples mod with minor input from the community and its all their decisions on what it will be like , WHY CANT WE DECIDE INSTEAD US THE COMMUNITY OR THE BEST PLAYERS? WHY DO LESSER PLAYERS AND INACTIVE MEMBERS DECIDE FOR EVERYONE?) Its going to be an attempt at making it more and more official over time, special maps folders for their official maps, and trying to recruit plays to play their mod, this stuff is happening. They are toxic, get them out. PLEASE CNC.NET STAFF LISTEN! WE DONT WANT THEIR STUFF! THEY ARE MANIPULATING YOU AND US!
  10. On the other hand maybe this should be taken off and replaced with only a weapons factory buff because everyone just wants to get good at the real game, not at a mod, and also to play the real game rather than a mod. Its just totally inactive. The 2nd biggest reason after nod being the best side for people going to the nod faction is the annoying weapons factory turning to dust at any moment, I think that simple change would be the only one worth making. Who the hell wants better stealth tanks, they are annoying enough as it is!? No one asked for that, its already well balanced just not the go to unit everytime, late game and low money its very powerful, and it probably is more useful than that but its hard to do everything at once so you tend to forget stealth's till later on. Its a horrible preference from only 3 people that are GDI players predominately, made for everyone, and its anything but balanced, and it wont ever be balanced because there are too many changes. Community this is not, balance this is not. Mod this is, 3 peoples unused mod. Way to go cnc.net staff, another injustice!
  11. Good idea but no one uses it, except confused noobs, I suggest you hand over the reigns to someone else. Id like to see KIPP PHD and Lovehandles make the mod together, because they are the true elite, with the deepest understanding of the game, and they provide a good balance of perspectives too as the current 3 are all GDI players with very uniform ideals. Still keeping Lovehandles as part of this not excluding his perspective. Its better than having White and Ferret who are low ranking players with unpopular creations, that no one touches willingly, having too much sway over our community.
  12. I appreciate its not in line with the way modern games are balanced but this isnt a modern game and when you balance it in a modern way you take the soul of the game away, along with the depth variety and emotional highs, its a winning formula a classic, the tampering should be a bare minimum, like art or building restoration. Or a classic food recipe that everyone likes, a variation on it tends to be worse not better. You cant leave it entirely alone because its slightly broken thats what some people want, but you cant change it too much either like s others want because it becomes someones mod or it becomes more balanced but SURPRISINGLY WORSE, a mix of the two perspectives I feel is just right. Do JUST enough to fix it, and less is more.
  13. Haha! Another point id like to add is this would balance in a more asymmetrical way which is how the game is already but thats better because... 1 it sorts the map problem out, you wouldnt have to make the map an attempt at balance you could just make it a map for game play exclusively, alot of the nod bias maps would become GDI friendly and that doesn't happen when the game is balanced the other way so well because the weapons factory is still weak 2 it keeps the identity of the game, (its a classic, historical a winning formula) 3 it keeps the game complex varied intelligent 4 it keeps the game exciting/drama filled which Mike here likes especially and that is part of the fun even though its not strictly the game. EA gave into the weak boys that got upset over engineer rushing, and they took away the banter in the lobby after a game the friendly community and human interaction period 5 we already have mirror balance when you both choose the same faction its more boring to make the opposing faction more symmetrically balanced like they have at remasters, there less twists and turns excitement and options for tactics (so while is more symmetrically balanced that TAKES AWAY from the game rather than adds to it they are adding boredom simplicity taking away high emotion, its more symmetrically balanced but also more bland samey dull unintelligent . So obviously they have still maintained asymmetric balance in the strengths and weaknesses of each faction but because it was balanced in multiple ways with multiple units and structures, not only does it lose identity with that way of balancing it loses what ive mention above , it becomes generic play, the same every single game, everyone plays the same way, has the same style does the same thing, its the same match over and over again , its terrible.
  14. I know engineers and the APC are a problem for GDI players, but they can do it back mirror do a better engineer rush themselves, they can counter with guard towers and Humvee or a grenadier rax spam, guard with many soldiers, protect grenadiers with tanks and vice versa making the APC useless for crushing, or go an all in. This game is more addictive and exciting with that danger grief and variety. Also the boost to the weapons factory would make Apache's buggies and bikes less dominant. The grenadiers are very powerful but also very in jeopardy due to the APC and Apache this is a nice balance thats in nods favour but the net effect of a stronger weapons factory would in a round about way balance the game without changing it, thats what im proposing. So while the grenadiers are still in trouble you no longer have to use a map that gives GDI players a protective cliff its like they have their own cliff now inbuilt, it solves the mapping problem. The GDI player will be able to hold on better till late game so it kinda does balance the grenadiers- APC/Apache in an indirect way, do you know what I mean? So it changes little to nothing about the real game while balancing the factions , but over at remasters they tried to balance in a more detailed multiple-specific way, not a round about way, which reduced the identity of the game and the thrill complexity drama and variety , in order to get that faction balance
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