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CnCNet 3.1a - LAN fixed


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Sorry for this release, I was planning for auto-updater and all for 3.1a but this major LAN regression forced a release before that.


For CnCNet, there are no actual changes, you do not need to upgrade if you just play online. However, at least in Red Alert the LAN mode was bugged and not being enabled on Windows while it worked fine with Wine so I missed that when working on 3.1.


The Red Alert package was upgraded to include 3.1a so new RA players will get it automagically. If you already downloaded from redalert1.com, you need to upgrade if you wish to play in LAN. Again, sorry.




3.1 -> 3.1a

* Fix LAN mode detection, it was broken and resulted Red Alert LAN not working


* Don't force binding on 8054 in dedicated mode, allows running multiple games

  on the same host (cncnet.dll)

* Default to Yuri's Revenge if it exists instead of RA2 (cncnet.exe)

* Use open.cncnet.org as the new lobby address, old one points to it


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