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[Freeware] [RTS] Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries


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Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a rather unusual strategy game by Trevor Chan, which successfully combines intense real-time action with sophisticated economy, politics and espionage characteristic of turn-based 4X strategy games. You can not only fight your enemies, but also trade with other nations, infiltrate spies, sabotage, expand your borders by founding new cities, hire mercenaries, conduct research, and even fight mythical monsters and gain support of supernatural powers.




Originally released in 1997 (under the title Seven Kingdoms), the game's source code and all data except music had been released under the GPL license, effectively making the game freeware. The community immediately started working on an updated version, and the current build, 2.14.3, is available from Windows and Linux.

Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries Project Homepage

Seven Kingdoms Wiki

Seven Kingdoms copyright information

Download Seven Kingdoms 2.13.0 and subsequent patches at SourceForge

Seven Kingdoms Encyclopedia

Seven Kingdoms FAQ

Seven Kingdoms Wikipedia article

Download Seven Kingdoms Demo at FilePlanet

Download Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries Demo at FilePlanet

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I've just noticed the (more-or-less recent) news at the 7kfans website that the team has been able to negotiate the issue around the soundtrack for the game which, until recently, was not available for free distribution:

7KAA Music Now Available


December 4th, 2011 the3dfxdude  Posted in Seven Kingdoms | 1 Comment »


Thanks to Bjorn Lynne’s generous offer, we worked out the details, and now have the music freely available for use with the game again. I hope all of you can support him in his latest work where possible.


And those who have asked in the past, and got turned down, thank you for your patience. We really wanted to work this out properly, that is why we always had tough responses.


Please note that the music is NOT GPL or public domain. The music may not be modified or re-recorded. It can only be used as intended with the game.


Here you may download the music, that can then be applied to your GPL version of the game. In the future, we will offer complete downloadable packages. Note that some linux distributions might choose not to include the music, so you may still get the music here if that is the case.


Download 7KAA Music (.zip) (.bz2)

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