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Can We get a Donated Sticky thread or a bar to get to our goal in the front page?also a list of people who have donated. Im planing on donating money for the cause.But i would like to request a IN Game Ladder to be worked on RedAlert and yall shall see money be poured to the paypal account he! he! he! don't expect alot from me USD is not AS MUCH AS euro. But nother than less i will still donate and how will yall split the income? will it be distributed to ya'll evenly since there was more than one developer involved who worked on the hires and cncnet and ddraw?


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First of all, I just put it up there to cover the server costs. I will show a top contributor list when there are more than 0 donations.


I thought about just keeping the total donations and running costs somewhere visible and a counter how long will CnCNet run with the current amount of donations. The worst case scenario is that cnc-comm will also need to be funded trough the CnCNet donations in the future so we need to be prepared for that (thus, having some extra money).


Can't promise automatic ladder at this point, it might be possible to do but it WILL require a new external app to work, launcher of some kind, as the necessary information who wins/loses is not in the game network stream in any clear way and need to be dug out of the game memory. The external app would also need handle logging in to the ladder.


The CnCNet site will be moved out of my personal server making it completely independant and donation driven.

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