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  1. Killa57

    C&C Mobile

    So what's the update on the mobile game.
  2. I'm glad somebody picked this up I was losing hope! Cant wait to play online lol
  3. No problems on mint 17.3 cinnamon 64 bit installed and worked like it should Great Work! Edit any way to get the C&C gold Single player as well?
  4. Yeap this is what im getting with HardwareFills=1 in firs pic and the second pic its fixed with HardwareFills=0 it is located in the conquer.ini under options. Thanks Nyerguds
  5. Already going to have to give it a try(cnc-ddraw)
  6. Thanks it's for future reference on anybody who whants to install it on 64bit system.
  7. okay long story short i got desperate and dual booted windows xp just to extract those files." Blade". but simple method just use Universal Extractor to extract the files from the SETUP.Z file but either way i would not go the route of duel booting took me forever just to get windows xp, windows files to run certain programs just to get windows 7 mbr straight so i can boot back into windows 7 to get it going again. But ya booth methods work . Now wheres the High Resolution Patch for the game?
  8. Thank You. I'll try it out . I kind of gave up on it and started to duel boot my pc.( Just too get the files extracted). But I'll give this a try ????
  9. it sucks cause the planes drop of bikes real fast which it sucks
  10. This about as far as I have got to it. I have replaced the 16 bit setup with a 32 bit setup and ran it from the Setup folder and got this far even made a new iso.img and mounted it but that didn't get this far. i have even burnt it to a cd and it didn't get that far only with the files in the folder on a hard drive it will get this far any way to by pass the cd needed?any kind of script or anything that i can mod to get it to by pass it and get any further than what i have gotten?
  11. Any way to extract these files out of the cd? cause all the files i see are the ones in the pic and in the folders none of those files on the list were there as well?
  12. Thank you I'll try it when I get home.
  13. Anybody got a list of the game files?
  14. i must be doing something wrong........cause its not installing or working...........
  15. How do you install the game on a 64 bit system?I tried to put autorun.exe in win 98, win 95,and xp compatibility didn't work??
  16. SoleBot_v02a Maybe something from this code can help push this project along........ http://sourceforge.net/p/solesrv/code/HEAD/tree/
  17. Killa57

    TD 6 players

    umm im tired of ffa 5 player games
  18. Red Alert Retaliation Soviet Mission 2 Comrade Transmitting I must speak with me these things I am telling you I am not Somewhere in our office, In my office there is a leak, political intelligence is reaching the Allied forces in Austria, Now our key European Command Center has been infiltrated Our hidden cargo routes are threaten are practical sub pens are attacked and are Allied Glovinks are producing a classified new armor plating using a formula stolen from my office. Destroy what they have stolen and get the allied idiots out of my face. This is bad for me. Very bad. ????
  19. Red Alert Retaliation Soviet Mission 1 end ????? ????? ????? Excellent work in the Ukraine commander hehe. Your are ambitious. Ambition can be very useful. Might find your way into a cramp corner office. In the drafty old building. You know use to be the better part of Moscow. Hehehe I like you,I like you very much. And I am Russian I don't like anybody. But I drink to you comrade.
  20. I'll be away till Monday and I'll get back on it . Going on vacation
  21. Red Alert Retaliation Soviet Mission 1 Come right in Sergent. ????? Topolov General Topolov Remember that comrade Your mission in the Ukraine is simple. Allied forces seem to challenge soviet air supremacy Right in our faces they build Mig prototypes of there own. They tests air fuel bomb. They tested Chronosphere. The govnaks go bold There got to be a settling of this score destroy the prototype but take the chronosphere. purge the Ukraine of the ally presents and the bastard behind the threat. Assassinate general Starvos the Greek commander ?????? ??? ????? That is all.
  22. Thanks nyerguds I'm only one soldier....... should of cleaned out my ears a little bit lol thanks for correcting it and making it right.
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